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Our motto here is excellence, character, opportunity. With athletics, student-athletes have an opportunity to demonstrate those skills every single day. Woodward’s approach to athletics stands out because it is derived in the rigorous academic makeup, Yet, there’s also a big emphasis on developing championships and developing champions. We want to make our students champions both in the classroom and on the court- or on the field. The students who are participating in athletics build greater bonds; they have sense of team and cooperation- and it goes beyond the classroom. You’re part of a team and you got to help someone else, and in turn of helping somebody else it helps yourself Athletics is important because it gives the student a balance. It teaches you discipline, it teaches you time management, it teaches you respect for others. They’re gonna have to work as a team to overcome adversity. My teammates are always there for me, they’re always at the end of the lane cheering so that’s nice to have that support. That’s a a real big part of maturing as a young adult and getting the team aspect and not just being an individual, because we find out later on life, nobody does it alone. You all have a support system and you have to rely on other people and they can rely on you as well. Everyone is a family everyone’s a team and when one girl falls, we all have that responsibility to help that girl up. It’s a team accountability. Achieving a goal is something that each athlete can experience regardless of what that goal is no matter how far-reaching it is, if they set it properly, they will feel a tremendous amount of success when they reach it. We definitely build strong relationships with our coaches and teammates here. Our coaches are really open to basically talk about anything you want. It’s not about the wins and losses It’s about the development of the student-athlete and the relationship that you create as a coach with the student-athlete. I’m glad there’s so many teachers here that coach and are involved, because they want to make a better impact in their students lives. My teachers are very involved with me. They always keep up on everything I’m doing. It really makes it easier for me to succeed in this school The amount of resources, time, and commitment that is given to the athletic program here at Woodward Academy rivals very few. It’s an experience, they never will forget

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