Women’s Soccer Preview

[Sound Effects] [Music Playing] I think things are going really well.
The weather’s been fantastic little bit cooler than it has been in
summers past which has definitely helped. We’ve structured our preseason a little bit
this year in terms of our number of field sessions kind of going back to
back. So we’ve staggered those sessions and
then made those sessions over the lifts and also classroom sessions but we’ve
been here a week freshmen have adapted pretty well. There’s always a transition
for a player coming out of club soccer into a new environment and an older
established team. But I think all in all things are going pretty well. They’re
honestly going great. Adam has done a great job with our training sessions
really keeping our legs fresh. The freshmen have come in, they’re awesome.
Everyone’s working incredibly hard. Luckily the weather is not horrible this year so I mean I think it’s going about as good as we can expect about
eight days in. I’ve never been a part of a team that’s so driven and so excited
for the opportunity that we have with a new coach, a new team, a new coaching
staff honestly. As a team goal I really think making it to the A10 tournament in
general but honestly I think we can do better than that. So really just taking
advantage every single opportunity that we have and really capitalizing on it. We
want to be as become as competitive as possible as quickly as possible. We also
want a brand that’s going to be our brand of soccer. We’re looking to try
and compete in every game that we play but also play a brand of soccer that is
that identifiable with Davidson. And you know look to have success doing it that
way. Well I want to have a competitive season. Everybody’s always
gonna look at the wins and losses that’s what every coach is going to do. But I
know this this is a more than a one-year project for me. I want to take it a year
at a time but we want to be as competitive as we can in our
non-conference games or conference games this year. And I think if we can look to
build our momentum through our non-conference season into the
conference games when we do play some very very tough competition. But we also
in the non-conference play Wake Forest and we play NC State so they’re going to
help us give us a gauge of where we’re at.
I think identifying our brand and our style shocker, getting belief within our
team is going to be a big big part of the success that we may have. [Music Playing]

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