Women’s Long Jump | Karlsruhe 2020 World Athletics Indoor Tour

Hello my friends I am your Global Friend Icon Mike and we gonna watch highlights from the Long Jump competition in the World Athletics Indoor Tour in Karlsruhe of Germany This is Mihambo, the German athlete, at her first attempt it was a valid jump a valid jump at 6.55 meters We gonna see Malaika Mihambo again at her Second Jump She get the white flag it’s a Valid Jump again for Malaika A Second jump that was at 6.76 meters This is Khaddi Sagnia from Sweden at her Third Attempt Her first jump was at 6.43 meters and her second jump at 6.72 meters Let’s see what she can do at her Third Attempt It’s a Red Flag! it’s a void jump for Sagnia This is Abigail Irozuru from Great Britain She get the Sixth Place at the competition With her best Jump at 6.56 meters This is Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk from Ukraine at her Third Jump Her first, two attempts was void it’s a valid jump She get the white flag A valid Jump that was at 6.92 meters And she take the lead! Let’s see Malaika Mihambo from Germany her third attempt A the third jump for Malaika Mihambo that was void Let’s go to see again Khaddi Sagnia from Sweden at her fourth jump A Fourth Jump that was also void like her third jump Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk at her Fourth Attempt The highlights we show to you is… actually what the TV show Also some problems with the video is from the German TV it’s not our fault Anyway, the fourth jump of Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk was void This is the fourth attempt of Malaika Mihambo from Germany As you can see… is a valid jump A valid jump that was at 6.83 meters 6.83 meters that will give her the Second Place Malaika Mihambo will not take… any other jumps She gonna quit the competition here She gonna earn 7 Points! Let’s go to see the Fifth Attempt of Khaddi Sagnia from Sweden For the moment she’s at the Third Place Very bad Jump it’s a valid jump and without Five meters Fifth Attempt for Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk Red flag is up it’s a void John Another Void jump for Maryna The Fourth from her… Five Attempts so far Malaika Mihambo, she left. This is the French Eloyse Lesueur-Aymonin at her Sixth and Last Attempt So far her best jump is the Second with 6.62 meters Red flag is up it’s a void jump With best jump at 6.62 meters she will finish Fourth And she will earn 3 Points! Let’s see Khaddi Sagnia at her… Sixth and last attempt She get the white flag, is a valid jump for Sagnia Her last Attempt was at 6.39 meters With a best jump at 6.72 meters from her Second attempt, Khaddi Sagnia she will get the Fourth Place at the combination and she will earn 5 Points! Let’s go to see the Ukrainian Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk at her last atempt Red Flag is up, it’s a void jump Another void jump for Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk From her Six… Attempts the five was Void But the one that was valid was the Winning Jump of the competition With 6.92 meters Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk she will earn 10 Points! Here is all the Official Final Results of the Event Beautiful Moments! This is the Standing of the Tour so far Support us on Patreon and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our Channel for more Videos! Bye! Bye!

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  1. Where are the videos from in front of the jumpers? I see people filming from that angle or do I have to go there myself now to record this.

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