Women 60M Heat 1& 2 Birmingham World Championship Indoor Athletics hips 2018

like she’s starting 2018 and a good whale all sorts of problems over the last couple of years for Bianca who were a metal back in 2014 which was probably a best year for a while and since then a struggler hit those heights but she’s got some very good competitors against her here there’s Bianca and that was third of the UK Championships but Darren Ito has had to collapse or Bianca gets the slot chubby on Oliver well she’s a great story a broken toe last year after a very good start to the season last year mr. an awful lot of time has come back with a bang a big personal best 7:02 heads the world rankings the American new name to get used to way of China’s in for then we’ve got a more familiar name Misha Ali Michelle Lee ie I’ve turned out in Tobago still only 25 seems though michelle has been around quite a while 7 1 6 her best this season 7s Kaia from Belarus 21 year old Cara Nevel of Island 2 only 18 great experience for her English junior champion at this distance and then a parable of Norway the Norwegian record holder and there’s not been far off her best so far this indoor season a very good starter Akbar Ava so Bianca Williams it’s not difficult qualifying really except she’s got quite tough heat here the first three to go through and then the next fastest s-sorry the sixth fastest loses to the semi-finals but with ie with Akbar a bow and Javan Oliver getting in the top three here would be looks a tall order for Bianca Williams so she’s just gonna have to concentrate running a good strong race be as quick as she can’t and see if that’s good enough to advance oliver is now sixth on the US all-time list at this event that gives you an indication of how good that 7:02 is [Applause] so sighing on this side of Maria Maria wins in I and Oliver just gets ahead of Williams water terrible start one thing you got to say about Oliver she has no experience at this level and I just wonder where the nerves got the better over there Oscar a ball very experienced saws Michelle Lee ie Bianca Williams got out brilliantly I or maybe just look even better Colin because of the terrible start by the American but Bianca fought there and they’ll have to wait see that’s quick enough yeah I think all eyes were on Oliver when he was expecting really a strong performance by her announced herself here in Europe but she slept in the blocks nothing really happened and then she had to work so hard to pull herself back into the frame took her a long time to get onto the shoulder Bianca Williams when she did there she just easy self through to get to that qualifying position looking from the head on with this terrible terrible spot but the more experienced athletes to her right-center field of course I taken that this is a rude awakening for the American US Champion we know she’s got skills 7:02 tells us that and let’s just think about it let’s see that she’s got that under about Steve she’s now just realized okay I’m at the World Championships now that is done I’ve got a refocus for that semi-final there’s Bianca Williams nice head on for her and we know she’s feeling all right would talk to Bianca in a second but the next not 0.288 the Americans reaction time Bianca just run out 7:31 her time she’s with JJ Bianca forth there two one-hundredths away from third you got a smile on your face how do you feel about your performance no it wasn’t right and I only found out I was coming here on Monday so everything has been a bit far forward and I’m prepared so I just want to come out here enjoy it which I have and just embrace the atmosphere you know I’ve never done one of these before so yeah as you show you stepped in because they all need to pulled out at the last minute what has that been like trying to focus yourself for such a big occasion again just really fast food like unless home I can’t home like I just didn’t know it was happening luckily I wore the race kit but yeah everyone’s just been so crazy but I think that’s a good thing so yeah it’s not automatic qualifying you’re gonna have to wait to see what happens but are you feeling confident with that time there’s some quick girls coming Nick so fingers crossed but he’s what he’s at the end today I’m here I’m having fun I’ve enjoyed it I would love to run again tonight but if I don’t it’s not the end of the world I’ve got come off games in a few months so yeah I’m having fun as you say hopefully we’re back here for the semi semi-final later what’s the process between now and then yeah go home and sleep have some line to industry tired fare later on Ryan well we hope to see you back later yeah 7:31 not the quickest after we’ve been taught about quick times that he’d knots that fast anyway Bianca we’ll have to wait and see the winning time 722 and one thing I will tell you Gabby that I think javi and Oliver is definitely not not gonna be my pick for the star the future yes you can’t just go through events eliminating people see positives I picked one I’ll let you know in a minute okay all right well we’re gonna actually just clear up a little bit from those 60 meter hurdles heats in the heptathlon and sorry pentathlon and oh it’s an occupational hazard isn’t it let’s get out to Tony Mitchell who’s been crunching the numbers for us and what are they tell us well that Greg start for care 8:36 equal seasons best she was struggling with her left hip but the national championship so withdrew from the championships we may see that a little bit if if we see if you watch it again the foot turns out a little bit so that may be affected a speed and also I think the Americans are suffering because they only came in on Wednesday so to them it’s six o’clock in the morning so sprinting fast at six o’clock in the morning is difficult for them to do so she’s she’s on par it’s a superb start froze the season’s best she’s on for 4800 the American has lost 20 points or poor or more on her spring hurdles so yeah a great start thank you very much Tony it won’t be long before we see them back out here again at those pent athletes but let’s go out for the second of the 60 meter heats and this one features Elaine Thompson of course the double Olympic champion and the double silver medalist from London as well Mary Jose talu and this one is all and ricotta’s and there is the lineup for this second heat second of six eats Amy foster Thompson Jimenez he’ll Basinski talu santos jacobs and our allowi so it’s six seats and Bianca Williams running 731 is the fastest loser in the first heat it’s good to be close there is a me foster a lot to prove at the moment lotta points to prove from get nards just east of belfast beat the irish wreck on at the irish indoors a couple of weeks ago not selected by Northern Ireland for the Commonwealth Games though even though she’d met all the qualifying standards in criteria they are Elaine Thompson well received not quite showing a best in Glasgow last weekend Isadora Jimenez of Chile Chilean record holder of a 100 and 200 give a since Cove Poland has just won the Polish indoor title over 200 meters money Josie talu with seven wins from eight races indoors this year just not quite the reverse at Belen right at the start of the year but apart from that pretty near perfect wasn’t delos Santos run surely in Glasgow last weekend but a decent win in leav and northern France before that Julian Jacobs of Namibia goes in Lane seven and then on the outside the twenty year old from oh man who is there a promise Mizuno I’ll allow II there she is so Amy foster interesting in lane one she really is running with points to prove a sin she was devastated not to be selected by Northern Ireland for the Commonwealth Games heartbroken unbelievably letdown and then ran so well at the Irish indoors to beat the Irish indoor record she’s alongside Elaine Thompson though the Olympic champion over 100 and 200 in Rio but Mary Jo say talu is flying this season already and she goes in Lane five three to go through automatically to tonight’s semi finals and six fastest losers over the six heats not a good stylist owned by Elaine Thompson is running strongly no money no seat at loo coming through this Thompson and tallow just about together with also thank you for since again those are the three who booked through seven one eight maréchaussée tell who once she got into her running I think she’s prolly quite keen to keep her near perfect record winning is a good habit to have and Mary josie ty lue running well but good sealing Thompson running a little bit better than she did last weekend such a talent but indoors sometimes she’s unnecessarily at her best but Mary’s your seat a loose very very impressive yes I think when it comes to major championships now you’ve got to really bin all the previous performances lots of different nerves coming to play stresses strains pressure of the event and of course we’ve seen Elaine Thompson do it at the biggest stage two Olympic titles but a loo she’s been well all season and I think she’ll want to keep doing that I mean the three who go through automatically Rosen jela Santos in fourth the times Wako for which we can confirm now is 100 slower than Bianca Williams so good for Williams going forward but Mary Jo seat eluded determination to get infinite that drive the startin and the pickup is very very impressive from talu yes nice small compact runner well-suited for indoors gets out the blocks world works hard always keeps nice and focused which would I like to see work hard into the line you know she’ll wake up June around to be a little bit quicker come to semi-final and of course he’s one of the big favor to that final so Tyler with the victory Thompson going through automatically a personal best from kill Basinski a good run by the Polish athlete to go through as one of those three automatic qualifiers and Santos as mentioned just 100 slower than Bianca Williams so Williams still in pole position as one of the fastest losers well coming up in a moment in heat 3 we will see Daphne skippers twice a world champion at 200 meters and she has meddled across three World Championships in total you think perhaps as a 200 meter specialist that the 60 meters might not be the the strongest event for her but she’s been out competing indoors as winter she’ll have high hopes here she spoke to JJ Chalmers I love it to compete in the UK

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  1. Olvier stride looks like Allyson felix. but she has no experience.. still more to learn,,what a terrible start.

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