Woman fighting for her life after shooting at bar

for her life after being shot in the stomach at a downtown bar. Good evening, I’m Paula Akana. And I’m Yunji de Nies. Police haven’t named a suspect… But an HPD veteran of 25- years IS involved with what officials have classified as an accidental shooting. KITV4’S Mike Cherry has more in tonight’s top story. Awoken by a LOUD BANG. Neighbors tell KITV that was followed by a Woman’s screams coming from KING’S SPORTS BAR. David Kajihiro – Captain, HPD :34 SHORTLY BEFORE 2AM TODAY AN OFF DUTY POLICE OFFICER ALLEGEDLY DISCHARGED A HAND GUN IN A BAR IN SOUTH KING STREET. Police say, the victim is a 40- year old woman, who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with an injury to her torso. HPD says she worked at the bar and knew the officer involved. What Police DON’T know as of yet, is whether or not the off duty officer was intoxicated. 2:21 AN OFFICER CAN CARRY HIS FIREARM 24-HOURS A DAY. HOWEVER THE POLICY DOES RESTRICT THEM IF THEY ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE THAT THEY CANNOT CARRY A FIREARM. HPD won’t say if the gun that was discharged was the service weapon of the off duty officer. Who was in possesion of the gun when it went off is also under investigation. However, Officials did CONFIRM that the officer has 25-years of service with HPD and is a Sergeant assigned to District one in China Town. 3:36 AS POLICY DICTATES, HE IS PLACED UNDER RESTRICTED POLICE POWERS. UNTIL HE SEES OUR PRE-PSYCHOLOGIS T TO RETURN TO ACTIVE DUTY. As of now, HPD says the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIO N DIVISION has classified the incident as an ASSAULT in the SECOND degree. Mike Cherry, KITV4 News. This is just the latest accident shooting by an off duty officer. Last September an officer’s gun apparently misfired while in a Target store bathroom. No one was injured. And last August … 39-year old HPD officer Jens Magelssen was showing his handgun to a friend during a barbeque when it misfired-

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