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[Maxi] Hey guys, how you can see, we are testing the new Wilson Clash 100 today! It has a little bit less weight than the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. If you want to know more about the Tour racket, you should watch the other video. Otherwise, let’s get started! [Toto] Hi guys, we were testing the Wilson Clash 100 for you. What do you say? [Maxi] It was comparable to the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. The weight is slightly different, here we have 295 gram and the Tour has 310 gram but the style of playing is quite similar, a lot of power and good control. [Toto] I agree, there is no big difference between those two rackets accept from the weight, you can feel the added 15 grams! Also you have a bit less of stability if you fully pull throught. The power is outstanding and compared to the Wilson Burn, the control is much better! But I would say, this racket is for all of those who like a lighter racket! I recommend the Wilson Clash 100 to younger players and for the women!

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  1. Heyho, zur Frage mit der Saite für den Pure Aero: Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Isospeed Black Fire, rundes Profil, rundes Profil , hält lange die Spieleigenschaften und gibt sehr guten Spin für eine glatte Saite. Im Durchmesser 1,25 ist die Haltbarkeit für richtige Reisser vielleicht etwas knapp. Ansonsten die Solinco Hyper G im Durchmesser 1,30, hohe Haltbarkeit, guter Spin und relativ lange gute Spieleigenschaften. Wie immer gilt: die eierlegende Wollmilchsau gibt es nicht :). Die Isospeed findest du hier: Isospeed Black Fire: https://www.tennis-point.de/isospeed-black-fire-saitenset-12m-schwarz-04652201265000.html

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