Wildcat Athletics: Wrestling

[ Music ]>>It’s a one on
one competition, it’s just you and the other guy. You know, who’s better,
who’s stronger, who’s more mentally prepared. When I was looking for
colleges, I wanted to make sure that there was at least a club
team or something I could do to keep wrestling and Penn
College had just started up with their wrestling program. [ Music ] Coach Frey, he’s
a real good coach. He has a lot of new technique. I remember learning a lot of
stuff, a lot of new stuff. And he’s just like
any other coach. He’s there to push you,
to do your very best, and that’s what he does. Wrestling tends to teach
you a lot of discipline. And when it comes to academics,
you need discipline as well. So I mean there’s
times where I’m. I think, actually, I do better in the classroom
during the season just because I’m more disciplined. [ Music ]>>Ranked among the top ten
public four year colleges in the North, Pennsylvania
College of Technology offers
bachelor, associate, and certificate majors in more
than one hundred career fields. Small classes, exceptional
labs and equipment, and faculty with work
experience contribute to strong graduate
placement rates. A full college life
includes campus housing, student clubs, and
organizations. Penn College is a special
mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied
technology education. And is located in
Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The city known around
the world as the home of Little League Baseball. [ Music ]

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