Wildcat Athletics: Women’s Soccer

(music) You work really, really hard and you finally score that goal. That’s probably one of the best feelings. In that moment, you know you did everything possible to get that goal and to do it for your team. Hi. My name is Robyn Beddow. I’m from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’m a junior and I’m in the occupational therapy program. My mom is an occupational therapist, so I grew up around it. I knew at a younger age that that was what I wanted to do. I either want to work in a rehab clinic or the rehab side of it or I want to work in pediatrics with younger kids. Academics is what keeps me grounded. I think it makes me realize you can’t procrastinate. You have a certain amount of time during the day to do your homework. So for me, I think that I do better academically because I play soccer because I know there’s no time for me to fool around and wait around. I got to get it done now. Public Address Announcer: Number 4, Robyn Beddow. They expect you to stay on top of things. It’s your job to keep up with your school work and come to practice. They expect you to be on time, they expect you to follow directions when they are talking. He’s a very nice person and you get along with him really well. He really cares about the team and you can tell that he puts his heart into coaching the team and he wants what is best for us. I definitely don’t think our results in wins and losses are accurate of how good of a team we are. But I think that every time we step out onto the field there’s something that we improve upon each game. I have to work for it. And my team has to work for it. And it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to have to fight for it. One, two, three: Wildcats. What I like most about soccer is probably the teammates and just the bonds and the different friendships that you create with people across the years that you are playing and then number two is just playing the game, I just love it. It’s hard work but it pays off in the long run. And it’s a lot of fun and you definitely can do it. (New Music) Ranked among the top 10 public four-year colleges in the north, Pennsylvania College of Technology offers bachelor, associate and certificate majors in more than 100 career fields. Small classes, exceptional labs and equipment and faculty with work experience contribute to strong graduate placement rates. A full college life includes campus housing, athletics, student clubs and organizations. Penn College is a special mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology education. And is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The city known around the world as the home of Little League Baseball. (End Music)

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