Wildcat Athletics: Golf

It’s aways kind of fun to play for your school.
There’s something exciting about being on the course and playing for Penn College just
to go out and try to win and do your best and go out and beat the other schools and
show that Penn College is the best. My name is Nic Krupka. I’m from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
I’m on the golf team here at Pennsylvania College of Technology. My major is industrial
and human factors design. I was in seventh grade. I just started going with my dad. And
I just started playing golf and it just stuck. You hit a great shot and you think “awesome”
and you just want to come out again. It gets you more excited to get out for the next time.
Coming here wasn’t totally about golf. After I picked my major and everything like that,
after everything worked out, golf was definitely one of the most important things to kind of
scope out when I got up here. Industrial and human factors design is the creation of products
from start to finish. It’s kind of what I think about during the day when I’m working
on a project: why and how is something going to work. Coach Haile doesn’t just interject
every time I hit a shot. He starts seeing something that maybe I can have a better way
of hitting that shot. Then you just kind of remember that. It’s just these little points
here and there that in golf can mean so much. Even though we are playing as a team, we are
still kind of playing individually because our scores count individually but we count
as a team too. So you’re trying to beat your teammates while at the same time also trying
to work as a team. But it’s good. It kind of keeps you like, you know like, I’m not
trying to beat him, I’m trying to beat it to have a better score. You can’t lean back
because sometimes when you start being a little too conservative now, you start hitting shots
bad. So you gotta make sure you’re aggressive but you have to, you can’t be stupid either.
The short game is the toughest because you can just lose shots there. Dinking a chip
here, hitting a bad putt, and before you know it you’re making a double or triple bogey
when you shouldn’t have been. So you have to make sure, the short game has to be on
pretty much every time you play because it’s what is going to save you when it comes down
the stretch. I’m not the greatest golfer in the world but I knew that I would be competitive
at this level and I’d be able to play and have fun. There is just something you can’t
beat about playing in competition. It’s always a lot more exciting to go out and know that
your score matters, try to beat people and be the best. Ranked among the top 10 public
four-year colleges in the North, Pennsylvania College of Technology offers bachelor, associate
and certificate majors in more than 100 career fields. Small classes, exceptional labs and
equipment, and faculty with work experience contribute to strong graduate placement rates.
A full college life includes campus housing, athletics, student clubs and organizations.
Penn College is a special mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology
education and is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The city known around the world
as the home of Little League Baseball.

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