Why Not to Use NOS in Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to add nitrous oxide boost systems to your car, now some racing guys
to cheat especially on street races will add nitrous oxide to their car, canister
gas that injects the stuff into the engine to give it insane boost, now nitrous oxide
does work there’s no arguing that improves performance not just by the gas
that comes in and makes things burn faster, but it also makes a lot of
cooling inside the intake and when it’s cooler and more dense, you’re gonna get
more power so it really does work quite well, but the main problem is, the system
itself is going to be pretty bulky because your engine uses a lot of air
and the containers that hold the nitrous oxide have to be heavy because it’s
compressed gas, they take up a reasonable amount of space and there’s only so much
nitrous oxide you can pack into one of those tanks, to give you an idea, a 5
liter engine going at 4,000 rpms uses 10,000 liters of air every minute, so with
nitrous oxide you’re gonna need a gigantic tank or even if you got one
that’s like a scuba tank size, you’re only going to get a few minutes of
nitrous oxide before the tank runs out now there’s two type of nitrous oxide
systems there’s dry and there’s wet, now if you use this dry system and
fuel-injected car everything has to be programmed correctly, it’s not something
that you just bolt on and drive away so it’s a real deal setting it up right
in the first place, now in the wet nitrous system it uses both the nitrous
oxide and the gasoline it mixes them both when it goes into the engine, now
the wet system is what they originally used when I was young because most
things were carbureted and it’s set up better for a carbureted system, because
the carburetor is on the top of the intake and it sends the fuel evenly to
all the cylinders, so if you’re adding nitrous air it’s going to be pretty much
evenly distributed, cuz of the fuel and the air isn’t evenly distributed you’re
gonna get back fires and poor running using something that creates that much
compression it can destroy an engine I’ve seen them put holes and pistons, and
regardless of your using wet or dry nitrous, realize that there are four
different systems for delivering it on different types of cars,
when I was young and guys are doing my carbureted vehicles, they use a single
nozzle system, just had a single nozzle and it would just inject it right into
the intake we a lot of boost that way and more modern cars you can use a direct
port system, say you’ve got one fuel injector on each port, you use the same
type of nozzle as in the other system but you have one for each cylinder and
this system is used mainly in racing applications, they’ll actually put
numerous different nozzles in different places and have an all
computer-controlled so that you can have boost at a certain point closer to the
engine boost a little bit further away all depending on what RPMs are
running the engine at, now the third type of system is called the plate
system, they have a plate it’s like a spacer plate and it’s put on the intake
in various different positions and the last type of system is called the bar
system and that’s just a hollow tube that has holes drilled on it and that’s
hidden inside the intake plenum to shoot nitrous in, but regardless of the
different types of nitrous oxide systems that are out there, it’s not a good idea
to put it on your car that you’re driving on the street, now in many states
it’s illegal, I remember once I was riding with a kid who had one on his
Mustang and a cop pulled him over he saw that he had a nitrous system on, kid knew
the law and the law was if the tank wasn’t connected to the system, you can
drive it on the street that way and say hey I only use this when I’m racing at
the racetrack, so he didn’t get a ticket for the nitrous oxide, but he did get a
ticket for speeding he couldn’t talk his way out of that, but
technically least here in the United States, nitrous oxide is illegal
completely because it makes the cars pollute more, when you’re using these nitrous
systems, one of the things that catalytic converter does is get rid of oxides of
nitrogen when you’re shooting nitrous oxide into a car
they pollute a lot more than the legal limit, of course nobody’s dumb enough to
be turning their nitrous oxide on while they’re doing an emissions test to get
the car inspected, but technically they’re totally illegal because they
pollute more, now you’re not gonna using them all the time so the pollution
aspect isn’t that much because even the big tanks only last for a few minutes
but, using nitrous oxide has a big downside and that is, you’re getting so
much higher compression and more power out of the engine,
I’ve see numerous engines blown when people turn on the nitrous oxide, they’ll knock a
hole in the piston, they’ll blow the head gasket, all kinds of damage can be done,
everyone seen some of those videos at the drag strip or so when a guy takes off
and then the head of the engine just blows right off and flames go shooting
up in the air, well it’s not a good idea for your car to take that kind of abuse,
especially with modern fuel-injected engines, since everything’s run by
computer if you actually do set up a nitrous oxide system in a modern
fuel-injected car, it’s gonna cost you a nitrous oxide system in a modern
fuel-injected car, it’s gonna cost you a to run correctly, take when I was a young
mechanic with a carburetor, ha they just put a spacer plate under the carburetor
and then it would just spray it down in there and they’d add it on turn it off
and it would take off like mad, it isn’t as complex as a fuel-injected cars, where
everything is directly metered by a computer and back in those days
especially in the 60s, you take all those big v8 engines they’re cast-iron engines,
cast-iron can take a lot more pressure than cast aluminum, the aluminum can bend
a lot easier than cast-iron will, you start adding nitrous gas inside one of
these systems, you can blow an aluminum head aluminum block engine quite easily if
you put a little bit too much boost in it, if you’ve ever driven a turbocharged
car, you know you got gauges for the boost and they have what’s called a wastegate,
if the pressure gets too high then the wastegate opens, so it can’t boost it too
much, with these nitrous oxide systems you open that thing up and it starts
boosting, if it’s not metered correctly it can easily boost too much and blam
goes the engine, now I’ve known a lot of guys that put nitrous oxide systems on
motorcycle, it’s kind of a toy thing for them motorcycles are super fast anyway
and if one guys raced another guy maybe there’s some money involved and he’s got
some nitrous oxide hidden under the seat somewhere, he might win that race and
pocket some money, but for cars that you’re driving around or you want to go
a little bit faster you take a pretty big chance putting nitrous oxide on any
modern car that you’re driving on the street, there’s always gonna be guys
out there putting nitrous oxide systems on to show how fast they can go, but for
the average person who wants their vehicle to last as long as they
can, stay away from nitrous oxide and definitely don’t use it like some of
those party boys do, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Out of everyone I know only 1 person runs nitrous.. BUT, his engine also cost as much as a house runs a 700 shot (multiple) and he re-builds it after every 4 runs.. (every mile)   Personally, I think he's f(cleancomment)ing crazy.  And the truth is, he is f(cleancomment)ing crazy.  lol  If your not F(cleancomment)ING crazy DONT DO IT ON YOUR STOCK HONDA.

  3. i ran a 100 wet shot on a 7afe engine, ina 96 celica just like you have.. with 329,000 miles on it. eventually cracked an exhaust valve. threw a new head on it and it still runs.. 398,000 miles on it ;D

  4. Is it illegal because of stupid people bitching about virtually no pollution or because cops couldn't catch their victims to extract the "blue tax." lol.

  5. Nitrous Oxide is far from a cheat. It takes a great deal of work and tuning (as you noted) to make it work properly. The better systems I've seen are NOS-aided intercooler systems which increase MAD and give an even bigger performance over just increasing boost pressure in supercharged or turbo charged systems. You are exactly right that NOS systems are terrible for anything but special racing applications.

  6. You got that fellas.Nitrous is for cheaters and besides it could ruined your engines not only that:
    Now is not environmentally good .

  7. Sorry I gotta throw the BS flag at only 5 seconds into the video… if you don't have a real NOS tank to show, that's OK… but don't hold up a propane tank for a soldering torch and try and pawn it off as a real NOS tank.

  8. Fill up your gas tank with nitro-methane,shut off the gates to your quad turbocharger system,turn up the NOS to max,then nail your quarter mile in under 4 seconds flat and well over 350 miles per hour?

  9. Hmm. Maybe this is why car dealers don't offer N2O systems as a dealer option…because they AREN'T for the average driver.

  10. I don't understand why people said nitrous is cheating it's not it's a powerful adder just like any other power adder

  11. In my days ( same days as you) NO2 was much too expensive in Canada so we used Naphtha gas, a cool can filled with dry ice and an electric adjustable gas pump. Not as good as NO2 but not far behind. If mixed too rich, it would also blow holes in the pistons or melt the valves. Ahhh the good old days.

  12. Originally nitrous oxide was used during ww2 by some Russian airplanes like LA7 due to underpowered engines and inability to keep up with German Messerschmitt.Short speed boost allowed them to gain more speed during dog fight.

  13. Kids find out their car engine needs a rebuild after 30k miles after adding turbocharger and nitrous oxide ?

  14. I’m going to tell Tyler Hoovie to watch this video… before he does something stupid, like hooking up a Nitrous system to his ‘Fast & Furious’ inspired Toyota Prius. Thanks for the video.

  15. I don't use NOS for my car, but I drink it from time to time in the morning, and scotty is right, even the biggest cans don't last for more than a few minutes.

  16. I say NOS should be only used in drag racing (if rules allow ofcourse) and should always be professionally installed

  17. whenever scotty says "when i was young" i picture dinosaurs roaming a prehistoric landscape and scotty swinging from a tree over some alligators like in pitfall. he probably worked on those flintstone vehicles

  18. Scotty says nos is bad to use in your car,?? But why do theirapist use it with their patients?? 🙂 🙂

  19. Hey Scotty, what about engine performance chips? Good idea or not? I’ve got a 2000 miata and manufacturer says it may increase horsepower and gas mileage dramatically.

  20. Ok that's it I'll be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, I just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

  21. Here they buy an old beat up sports car that costs less than a 600$ then put Nos on it for drag racing and gamble on who wins. Then throw the car in the trash

  22. I have a question for you. If I pay a proper place to do it for me professionally. Is there still the same risks of your car blowing?

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