What is The Sports Venue Design & Build Forum?

The Sports Venue Design & Build Forum.
Let’s break it down. What is it, and who’s it for? We know there is a certain breed
that will visit countless venues as you explore what to do with your own. We
won’t stop you, we know that’s irreplaceable research.
But Design & Build exists to help you meet all those venues in one place once
a year. We bring you the best practices and show you the best new projects so
you can take cues. ALSD’s Sports Venue Design & Build forum began as the
venue marketplace 2.0 started to take shape. With shelf lives coming to an end
on many sports venues of the 1990s, ALSD noticed that the industry needed new or
vastly upgraded buildings to satisfy their loyal fans. Since then, research
continues to show more and more projects being unveiled from new builds to
renovations to simple refreshes. Bottom line: the Design & Build Forum (an
annual conference) celebrates this growth and innovation in the sports venue
marketplace. Now as far as who the ALSD is; in 1990 the Association of Luxury
Suite Directors was created on the heels of what were then all-new luxury suites. We set out to cover this new premium seating marketplace. It’s our main focus,
so our goal is to put together suite directors to share best practices. But
our focus, like our tagline, has evolved. ALSD is still leading the premium seat
industry but our range is much greater. All fans are demanding a premium
experience and it’s affecting how venues are built. Fans want social viewing decks,
all-inclusive F&B and craft cocktails, entertainment districts for pre- and post-game, closer parking, better Wi-Fi, basically more. The Design & Build
forum sets out to give the industry just that. In this perfect storm for change in
the venue landscape, Design & Build is covering every aspect of the venue
experience. Now, suites still account for contractually obligated income needed to
build or renovate, but that’s only a small segment of what Design & Build covers.
Design & Build studies social viewing decks for Millennials, upgraded Wi-Fi for
the masses, better and more affordable food and beverage, and training
facilities for the athlete who (news flash) is also demanding more. It looks at
publicly- versus privately-funded projects, illustrates best practices of
sponsorship activation and brand immersion, and hones in on physical and
cybersecurity measures. Design & Build finds new parking opportunities and
helps venues solve their ingress and egress issues. Moreover it showcases
outside the venue walls experiences like VIP tailgating and entertainment districts. So the marketplace is reinventing itself and we’re covering what you need to know.
So then who is Design & Build engaging and educating? Generally it’s for
anyone looking for a range of best practices. It’s for those like the
architects, designers, and owner’s reps who often know first what venues are teed up
for a refresh or restart. They’ve got their finger directly on the pulse of
the ever-changing landscape. Teams and venues, too. Directors and operators of
facilities, C-level executives, and even suite directors, know when their venue
needs a little or a lot of TLC. Some will show off their new digs. Vendors and
suppliers in the venue marketplace attend as well. They’re the masterminds of
outfitting the venue and providing those amenities that fans now consider
necessities. And there’s a trade show to boot. And getting back to our roots,
premium seating sales and service pros will attend. They might have the hardest
job of all in maintaining the integrity of the premium ticket during the age of
venue gentrification. Altogether, design and build attendees meet each other and ALSD attendees. We package them together annually since there’s so much
overlapping content. So why should you attend ALSD’s Design & Build forum? Because our industry thought leaders should also be your peers. World-class
architects learn from the best builders who learn from the team decision-makers
who learn from technology pioneers who learn from food service professionals
who innovate the venue landscape. So join the conversation. Find out more
about ALSD’s Design & Build Forum at ALSD.com

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