Westridge Students Learn About Athletic Equipment for People with Disabilities

You guys ready for this? We work with lots of different athletes who have different abilities. So somebody tell me what an ability is. Ability is whenever you can do something. Who has an ability? Raise your hand loud and proud. Everybody has
an ability! One of the programs we like to
do is educate our community, so we are out here working with fourth- and fifth-graders and showing them about some of the adaptive sports equipment that’s out
there. Talking to them about a lot of the athletes that we work with at DASA. So,
we’re here to talk about how people with different abilities do different sports. Well, the month of October is Abilities Awareness Month. So, we’re celebrating different disabilities. Although the title is disabilities, it’s people that do things just differently. So, everybody has abilities for mainly everything, and
what they’re highlighting here today is that there’s just different ways of
doing it. I think the kids really understand more about people with disabilities, and they kind of understand more about that they just do things
differently. You know, they might not be able to use their legs in the same way,
but they might use their hands in a different way to be able to ride a bike
or play other sports. If you meet a person like this and you just judge them cause they don’t look like you. Just because they don’t look like you it does not mean they can’t do the same things as you.

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