We Won Money Off PGA Pro Kevin Chappell – Fore Play Rounds: Aldarra Golf Club

it's not a tree-lined golf course it's been a lot of controversy about how many trees are out here the trees and that has less trees in this ain't no hobby boys Frankie I missed the swing but tell us well you missed that did I didn't know you play so fast come on I mean I'll show the result one of the nicest golf courses that I think grace this great land of Washington and I absolutely roasted a 3-wood off the first tee Kevin Chappell didn't even see it because he's out he's out in a little Lackey right now getting the scorecards all right we think about the first shot pretty typical playing probably hang out and do it six months so it's all good oh it's so far pick up there Boyd well ain't coming straight from pebble this is very familiar shop when you're drawing up how you want the first hole to go is this the location you want to be hitting your second shot it just a little hack job get into play make it up and down oh it bounced back up out thank you I was terrible guess it's the better a lot heyo you breed a one on 22 don't you like that Sarandon you're always in my way when we were on the Gulf that happened at the Shinnecock last year I was a mistake I tell people about that Ulta chap using a bunker trying to hit up to the green I was just standing the old green gentleman he's like hey this is the US Open Japan to get ready as a mistake to come down right to left gradient butcher cutting that you got this for to putt and what to win 60 Finch a 360 box from job you're out of the game Wow quick moneymaker well you make double and you make sixty bucks that's a great deal I'm just a good host it's a great start so javi obviously can't hit any shots because he's coming off non-fusion back surgery which is a dumb decision so he's just walking and chirping and losing 60 bucks it feels great long day rigs long day was so much fucking money at least man on the whole this is some fucking bones caddy shit right here good luck right washed it no my face I say hey that's pretty good this thing's not good let's see it up there I was ready to start I was ready start howling they're like you that's your bad shape this is sick nice little touch to touch a class chap you touch a client hugger tree you want to comment on my shot there yep yeah I mean if you're trying to win the major championships is where you get stuck there the green don't make mistake smart so what's happening here is this I I set up for the draw started it down the right edge and cut the ball so I went out of play right you can see Chapel settings no no trees in the course I mean because the lie ever told so then he said local rule there's a drop area here if you go away right which I did so we're taking a drop kind of a crazy rule it you're a hundred yards behind where you went into the woods a hundred yards up on the right 417 yards out roasted it well structure we heard somebody saying there's no are you slide why you see much 17 franki that up at a top spot here after a second I hit it clean maybe no put a little back in your stance trust the club to do its job you got plenty of loft hit that ball flush just like it's on the fairway hit a fly ball is in the ground perfect are you short of it that's a big pot what is that for he gave you four to one odds Pro yeah now walking I say you just do it don't worry about my ball I say you knock this thing it you want it see you knock the singing regs huge putt huge putt got a meeting of the minds he'll fall right between Jackie you think this could be the worst ever oh it did oh it came back afterwards well unit seven and a half feet by so I actually think it was a pretty good chance he makes the next one legit said trees aren't in play on this courthouse a personal the fourth hole is the narrows hole you'll ever see not a tree inside more trees here than in the fucking tropical rainforest this place oh no that's a snap book all right kick somewhere Beauty come in I mean that's good tree yeah he's a pathological liar he is like I think we just thought he'd be serious you're a really chill do maybe one that shows does their ever met a just a liar maybe the tallest oldest tree all right Frankie here on what are we on for with just a nice clear line at the hall the gray lie there's more trees than there are air on this course there's Oh chappy said no chance they're behind a tree I came in pan into the camera up to get the top of the tree down the side of a mountain over here no excuses there though I can't control that he littered on his way here and got a bad bounce a tree in sight Wow great shot there eggsy whoo what a shot I was fucking unreal there aren't any trees right Frank you're known for the shot buddy you're fine so Frankie's got about 25 30 yards if he'll tightline gigantic trees everywhere not in play them sticking with it take that coming back Frankie so what do we got going on what's the action here what's the action here what's the action here so he makes birdie yep on the things you got to make this 18-foot left-to-right breaker make $60 yep our only cost him 20 and if you three putts that cost them 6000 suits couple buds do you know we've blocked it on a good line alright I loved it baited them nicely okay see – twenty made you think it broke a bunch dinner no action on this putt boy I don't think he's gonna make it he's going to do what you didn't get it to the hole this place is sick this place outside of the trees I like Oh crazy for you guys we've been told there's something special over here and check it out Jabby kind of walks like a duck no trees in play holy shit back box five-o there this is spectacular what do you do here you shoot it straight here just just right in that bunker it's good this is where you play from that game yeah cuz you're on PGA Tour man well I mean I'm a man – but I'm trying fun yeah 180 you're thinking six I don't like it's right at the center of the Greenes drone with a little towards the right center pretty good swing beauty great shop Frank right this is for sure mm-hmm crowd loves him could've been a little better all right chappy found the ball bred for in the thick stuff but not the worst lot we have a shot here over some trees no trees on the golf course 160 is the club what is that what are you taking out of the bag 160 usually be like a 7-iron for me but I got this horrific law I want to get a little bit but I'm pretty committed I'm gonna open the face get myself home all right came out pretty nicely it's gonna run just into the first cut a little bit in the rough and not bad you got hey you got a great angle no trees on this go people watching this video there's trees everywhere I mean when you say no trees you mean links like he was trolling that's right you had to be troll it's an embarrassment look at I mean I'm just gonna do this like trees trees trees trees there's trees everywhere look at this place we're in Washington for fuck's sake from there so if I get up and down from there I win 40 if I take three strokes from there so chip on two putts it's a push for more iHome 40 see my spot over there kind of like ball-striking stinks my short games fantastic shouldn't be a problem it's a push I don't know the chords never been here before I think guys talk about 20 feet so I got a to pop that bro push or make for a nice little wins $40 puck I'm like I'm so like he put these caveats on it where I have to be worried about three buddy it means there's zero chance I'm gonna fucking make Frankie yep Oh unacceptable make a bogey there very easy putt just there very easy two to one yeah okay we gotta hit the green here I'll hit the green no practice swings that's kinda what I do I'm not a great iron player but I do feel pretty good last time at six iron my hands I hate the green money it's right on it right on the pain go ahead smoke more weed it's 165 what 65 oh yeah seminar my way left I'm wearing that really I'm in the tree I've never seen that before I respect that so we got Frankie down on the fucking shit down I get the chipping lesson from Kevin Chappell I'm pretty damn good right there they're down in jail there's almost I would say at 0.0% you see that divot zero point zero percent chance that says I'll agree we got Frankie opening up faith no Jade might skulls I guess I gotta be quiet I'm gonna get that back that's a good shot really good shot break a damn good shot how many lessons are you coming back from non-fusion back surgery bring some birdies go in go in oh my goodness my belly for an all-world up and down especially for a guy who's got you know an issue Oh asshole I fucking win again and then like shove it down his throat that's the definition of bulletin board material god I hope you do I'm gonna walk right by when right as you see chappie swing look great short of the bunker I'm gonna play off the tee on the most tree-lined course in America eh average is on in the kitchen catchers posers fucking shuriken PGA Tour winner you have Borelli on the tee kind of roasted just a little left roasted it good swings right I mean I think steeped Faldo Riggs same people we found it there's the draw he had 79 yards cuffed it my balls ahead of his I use the six use of five I just hit it further that's how that works we'll see I have a wedge of my hand now so I don't know if I should be talking Borelli famous for his wedgie game Oh Hugh job imagine this golf course pretty sick a good 10 yards over the green aperture a vicious op good contact this doesn't quite have the control yet now man known as butter knives gotta get this one up quick stop it there's a huge slope right there you should be able to see beautiful scenery and you liked it short no way hate to see eat nice to plotz getting tired of my guests taking money from me I will say nice mountain greens way down all right I almost hit that stripe in the heroin Frankie's doing with camera work I like that any comments pretty accurate I feel friendship rips it we're on the same line me Mikey hits a fun idea in the fairway great ball $30 no gir straight up 8-iron here feel pretty confident about it it started about 20 feet right of the pin looks like big bubbles fortune throw it out I love Washington I love taking chavies fucking money it's outrageous I made a double and a triple no bets on those holes every hole we've bet I just want I'm up like 200 bucks on this clock hook city hated the live from the touch second extra come off stop I can't do it he gave me great Oh I didn't come down thank you for free I mean I'd say he's not gonna make it I got a good putt out my kid hyung there was a bad read battery I take the blue I'm human I am human you're doing that for his psyche or is that true kind of just hung out there a bigger things worry about here yeah we do we got a birdie bit good five right not bad all right so I lost was 30 on the iron shot yep I think it's pretty straight down the hill it looks like you could go a little left but then also it looks like it's gonna go right off this knob it can't possibly go left because this has to go down let's go jaffi hahaha perfect read perfect drive for abrogate iron that's a birdie thought funny that the first birdie you made on the west coast first time I've ever been in Washington birdie well what did you learn today you make any birdies oh man I'm posted some ugly videos from Pebble we're on to the next one okay you got come on that was amazing let's go let's go eight ball out there a beautiful spot even money back $50 birdie-birdie he wins bogey I win part of the push very vanilla where do we go 50 yeah upping the stakes cuz you die like you'll run out of daylight before I run out of money I mean you're playing a numbers game here I'm bound it's a horrible shot go into the great brick it's gonna be close right now that's when you top up the ball I really yeah take that hill what a shot Frankie got about 15 feet all right some shade here about time ooh nice touch sit sit sit all right that's good you're gonna do with him right there rally looking first first week of the day it's that chappy giving reads know if I would trust chappies right so we got a $50 putt here it's got to make it you know my type the times it's got to turn in my favor here shortly this is getting old isn't it ya know rigsy buckets Dental beautiful right down Center a little baby Oh low missile draw right down the center you know so a big Ridge crazy green yeah from fairway binders here but what's in plan Frankie same show almost the same yarn a little further away because I hit further right out really high a shop from Borelli nice look over that one ended up down there what a ball got that Roberto then we got over it heater looks like it falls off the fucking planet rigsy it's my ball down there a little hill here not good tough chip here for Riggs the lesser man like me may not be able to even attempt this huge Ridge in front bumping around sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit all things considered not a bad shot Riggs more water on the screen I think everything let's go I didn't trust my read yeah it tickled itself a little left right I didn't trust it come on ready just lost fifty a chapter with just the opposite of what I would say and he has been on record for saying just the opposite of reality he said this golf course has no trees conservatively in this shot I bet you can see 20,000 tree artsy shot really debris you made it it's not just a hobby in the words of the key to wearing pants and long sleeves even hundred degree weather is you gotta look good doing it and when you have these types pants on when you when you go in there's a tutorial for the console when you go in and grab your brayer you want to just do a little that right Jamie really learned a lot yeah you know like when when to try and make birdies when you don't need to make birdies and you can almost predict the insn't endings especially as you watch groups come in you as a viewer can predict it yeah it's crazy ripped it right at the bunker but he broasted it I can't tell you how far behind the ball hit the deck I can't tell you how far behind the good alright so here's the ball look where I make contact it's a good half six inches what's the bet thank you right down to be good to me there's a good swing deep that's gonna be a tickler so unreal views out here now dara golf week just said best private club in the state of Washington pretty good chappy given Frank you all chipping lesson what a place three two one on 30 take over his body right now thank you yep laughs keep going left ball yeah yeah I didn't see it coming I gotta be honest would you finish with there 50 on the sauce down a tiny really gonna test your reading skills here chap oh I'm in the way what's gonna happen gonna heavy would have been better might be all you can do still beautiful you still a little photo shoot with javi look at how you look nice a little training you both up Dani get beside you there you go show often yeah we can't do much she can grow some hair I'm barely on the team one recently with I mean really care about if I didn't really care about my career I'd let you guys put like take resumes in for my caddies dude what if we did this can we run like the search process oh hang on right there stay on that line beauty Oh he slides and so on you're on a down something slides forward that ground comes up way fast on him give it a turn Frank turn on ripped it's a little left way laughs I mean oh you're fine great kick unreal kick yeah came right back at us you're just in the left rough good look at it are you flushed it you know I didn't when you simple you say turrets upper body can't tell you how beautiful this lesson look can't tell you oh that felt better all right all right so that's a good spot in the bunker could be shorter all right not a bad spot pro-v one pizza maker since Pebble Beach I used it on humming huh how many just one one I've had one ball left and I thought I just lost it and I hid I dropped over there I hit a fucking bridge snowing Tiger ball not a big deal and I'm like you know what I'm sure they wash up cuz I know I saw I know I hit a bad shot but I knew I saw this ball kick left it looked like I just saw it come down it's fucking in plain daylight that's actually the third time in two days and I've hit a ball the second time in two days and I've hit a ball and then walked up and found it that's what they call fucking you boys a locker we're gonna put this one on we're gonna make a par now because things are turning for your books everyone was a redemption story and shop right here we go race up and down from here go in a shot his user and say Billy we're on top of the world user awesome feels like ruff have a plan we got these gorgeous hot play now your putt for birdie I'm part of a par Chappy's FaceTime is doctor you it's a great time to be a lot waiting here read from Jackie so based on these tie has no idea what I'm talking like he has no idea I'm going for I just found a ball from I'll be abyss we thought I was hitting for fucking in seven he said I'm hitting for fucking for this guy's not a phone right now he's been a great host he's gonna get is this over here and read agree talking about his schedule maybe schedule a birdie right to back a ball he read that while looking off into the abyss right to left I'm appalled he's on fire I'm telling you the fact that I just found this it's glowing right now it feels like the like that Cup in one of those Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire the retarder fire yeah javi FaceTime Frankie bro for birdie I think he got it I think that's got a follow-up yeah slow down what are you doing yeah rattling no can't do that it's gotta make it yeah take your time Frank I think it goes a hair left are you not gonna kick it good part I can't tell you how much I didn't want to make a bogey they're a little out there here we go bang take it all right racy big time putt here would be outside right for Park huge up and down go in unbelievable par just a couple boys amongst the mountains such a sick hole like this it just is awesome playing golf on it and then making a couple fires I mean yeah it's a birdie hole but also it's a par-5 you getting some tough spots like we did made a couple fires we're just having a couple transfusions life chapel's trance era Jesus face timing is dick off up to him was he talking can't wait to reports and I made a couple of bars I've never talked to anyone like that in my life 15-minute conversation you guys ever hear about golf etiquette just talking to our backswing fucking hang up how long do you talk woody what cannot be settled in a minute that you have to talk about quick look at the practice facility out here at aldara pretty pretty awesome it's ready hit chips is kind of the back side of the range clubhouse and all that's done there mountains in the background just an amazing amazing place is sharpen your game it's for Kevin Chappell tightens it up wins on the PGA Tour pretty cool 13th hole snappy little face time nobody's ever caught up longer than chappies catching up in this guy same Club you got Frank to 12 for the pin down here I mean I feel like we're on top of them Mountain gonna 5 and you funnel it in I think I just pulled it a little bit humming the rough see what he was doing – I mean you see it everything about his life push what a hole Debbie looks like I've been doing the last 30 years Oh baby come down oh my god holy shit what a shot dude go in the hole I mean you're 5 feet 5 feet that's a 5-iron 212 what a golf shot you're sick what a golf shot I mean he played it the way supposed to planes Fazio don't worry about it pretty putt for Riggs artists on the course don't worry about it come on this is head tilt I don't want to worry about that Oh No here comes the putter throw went that way roasted roast beef Oh beaching incher from the fairway we got a bet here I win fives a push six or worse chappy wins he's laying one piece but we're out boys I got I got it all right Pirelli second shot I have third shot pulled it but I think it's gonna catch the right-center might get a kick left yep got a little bit of a kick left dribbles on the green go go got a 40 feet good see it up there just fine shadow all right third shot here what hole is this now 14 get me an up and down hit the clubhouse Jesus really disappointed somebody like you prizes you the money oh boy what I lose that's what I was up 180 now I'm up six leaking oil we just destroy it at all oh that's such a good Wow put that cleans around the stick holy shit right okay it's mr. green really this is a great great line wrong club short I mean mr. butter knives himself with the putter a bad Frank good shot breach shot gotta go mmm gonna be a tap-in bogeys your friend cool shot this bar Wow your boy kids would have been proud of that one and that's how much he wants his ball to hook if it his ball hook less than that he was disappointed that was I was gonna attack that day from the inside out no matter what early sixteenth ordered that bird okay fine I gotta say is one of those beautiful scenes I've ever seen finish strong babe ripped it right at the flag the hair left of that man Oh good swing 195 5-iron yeah but that shouldn't go that far give you a flyer yeah a little bit why that's as far as I can hit that Club oh shit keeps replaying jak1 birth that's 427 that's three entering our driveway welcome to the club I do not know him being a big header so pipe the one that was a rope drop I ran Brown 127 flat I gotta say this looks like a painting it's not gonna be very valuable all right a little short it's not the worst shot ever but like that should be throwing darts here I was trying to not we got Borelli art as part of the here he said huge slope to work with here you can tell a different coloration any chance here town [Laughter] Oh yeah Goodspeed great putt yep Oh beautiful coloration behind you Frank sunshine anybody no idea wait oh right towards the Sun nailed it test there they're a nice nice feature Pat Burrell Aeon 17 2002 from a beauty may fall Frankie oh what a ball trying to God by a tree-lined hall she holds having been tree-lined it's true I'll give you that it's not a tree my background looks like background looks like the Sun is just on fire in the sky looks like there's a giant fire which we're out on the west look there Mike this is unreal is it I'm not a fire I thought about it ever been here before 96-yard please playing that number chappie we got a 54 degree wedge think it over I want to hit my club big save by me terrible basement beautiful skyline mmm need to see it back it hates it Wow good Drive could've drawn it up better let's drive of the day good beating my 10 Johnson 18 second shot Oh greenside bunker not good Oh good luck back barely ovaries fine what a shot hey ball Frank first bunker shot at 18 I've been this has been three rounds now where I just can't not lay the greenside bunker I don't know what the dealing I used to be able to do it no problem I just can't not blade a book make you swing at the ball every time time that's where you want to contact the ground you're always going to be better duck I don't think you have ever seen you wear the clubs you to bottom out up right I don't so if you're too shallow the club actually bottoms out down here so you shell the club just catching a little bit of sand yeah like that it's gonna bounce into the ball which is what I'm doing correct so you're hitting too far behind it's already child if you wanted to hit that far behind it and got steep so you took more sand it got deeper the ball come out slower and would release to the hole wouldn't have a lot of spin and then your one that would have a lot of spin you get closer to it and you'd be a little steeper than you are so I'm too shallow yeah I gotta get steep there you go I felt fucking awesome there you go I'm gonna be sick now I was huge I felt a bit FUNKER shots for dummies in there well I'm having blamed my bunker shot okay break in the bunker this is just a touch of class from Jaffe class 82 for a 68 Oh I'm always below the hole or if I try and compensate I'm 85 feet behind three putt doubles seems to be a common occurrence for Frankie right now Wow Frank doing filming and handshaking very nice right yeah one time what around what is it golf weeks at best private course in Washington that's correct cotton candy sky hell of a golf course you you

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