Vancouver Athletic Therapy and Chiropractic Therapy Clinic – Evolution Sport Therapy

Let me introduce you to sports medicine’s
best kept secret: Evolution Sport Therapy.
Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to combine the skill sets of a certified
athletic therapist, as well as a chiropractor, to provide the patient with the most optimal
treatment techniques to help redefine how fast your body can heal.
Your experience at Evolution Sport Therapy always starts with a thorough history and
orthopedic assessment. After, the therapist employs a sports medicine
model of rehabilitation to offer accelerated healing to physical injuries incurred from
sports, recreation, daily activities, and work.
We use a wide variety of soft tissue and osteoarticular mobilization techniques, paired with exercise
rehabilitation. Because the body functions as a whole, we
must assess and treat the entire body to address compensation patterns.
This allows us to not be distracted by the site of pain, but to truly find the source
of the problem. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on health
care discipline that focuses on the neuromuscular and skeletal systems.
They employ a manual approach, providing diagnosis, treatment, and preventative care for disorders
related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system, and joints.
A chiropractor is widely known as a specialist in spinal adjustments.
And for many conditions, such as back pain, chiropractic care is frequently the primary
method of treatment. They use a combination of techniques, all
of which are determined by the specific needs of the patient.
Exercise rehab during the treatment is important in helping your body reconnect mind and muscle
and aid in injury prevention. Whether we are doing manual or exercise therapy,
our time together is always spent one-on-one. This means you experience more progress per
session. Along with your treatment, we can combine
the use of shock wave therapy to help promote your body’s own healing process.
Let Evolution Sport Therapy show you how fast your body can heal, so that you can experience
a rapid return to work and play.

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