Valentina Kosolapova Highlights | 2019 Russian Indoor Championships

Hello my Friends, We gonna watch Valentina Kosolapova Highlights from 2019 Russian Indoor Championships At the commentary on Global Friend Icon Mike At Replay we just watch her First Attempt At Triple Jump Valentina have Personal Best: 13.69 at Indoor and 14.14 at Outdoor. 13.10 was her First Attempt Let’s go to see her Second Attempt She get the White Flag Is a Valid Jump! We see here the replay A Jump that was at 13.28 meters This is her Fourth Attempt Her Third Jump was not shown by TV Was at 13.32 meters Let’s see again… Her Fourth Jump at Replay That was a Valid Jump! 13:26 meters is her Fourth Jump This is her Fifth Attempt A Fifth Jump that was Valid, She get the White Flag Let’s see the replay Her Fifth Jump was at 12.91 meters Her Sixth and Last Jump was also not shown by TV, and was at 13.00 meters Valentina take the Third Placelace at the competition Bye! Bye!

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  1. As I said, female jumpers and runners are so beautiful … Here is the Russian Valentina Kosolapova 😍

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