UNLOCKED / Episode 2: The Toughness

I like the word underdog I like the
story behind it people love a story when someone that people don’t think about
believe in or have any thoughts of them being successful or able to accomplish
great things my city entering the DC city lines here district of columbia this is neighborhood
Southwest section was where I cut my teeth as a child is where I first was
introduced to sports this my first memory of a childhood and playing sports was
down here in this part of the city most of my time was either spent at the Boys
and Girls Club which is no longer down here or over here at the Greenleaf
Recreation Center you know being a native Washingtonian a
guy that’s been born and raised in in this area I’ve always thought this area has a grittiness about it and you know people in the business world define
grit as being able to fight through adversity and I mean we oftentimes say
football is the closest thing to real life because you’ll get knocked down and
football you’ll get smacked in the mouth Announcer: They give it to McFarland. He did not make it. He got stuffed. The key to life is being able to get up off the mat
you have to be able to get yourself up off the ground you have to be able to
utilize it as fuel to move you forward and not keep you down hey ya’ll keep _____ rolling on O, we gonna get right now. ya’ll keep _____ rolling now I can remember walking down the street and coming upon my mom sitting on our porch crying in
tears betcha these numbers haven’t changed I
think we put the number up. 1460 looking over to the side of our townhome
where we lived and seeing all of our belongings there in the parking lot
we’d gotten evicted. that’s kind of a life change for me you know as a kid you
don’t know the dynamics of why and what happened I just know that the outcome
affected me who I became and it shaped me. this city has always has had a
lot of toughness to it I saw with this environment does to families whether
its death prison I got two older brothers that have spent most of their
adult life in prison and grew up in this area for me sports was my safe haven. To
get in front of people in and talk about overcoming adversity and talking about
picking yourself up to me it’s it’s been it’s been my life and that’s why it’s
easy for me to do because you know I’m one of those guys that nothing was
really given I had to work hard for everything you know the first of my
family to earn a college degree because of the game of football which is why the
passion I have for teaching and inspiring others and using this great
game as a way to change the lineage of their families you know growing up in a tough area of
the city the Southwest section is what kind of made me and calloused me to
being able to understand that you know what is not easy and every day you get
up you’ve got to go out and do it again and again and again with the right kind
of attitude and there’s no one to blame other than yourself if you don’t get it
or you’re not successful that’s just the mentality that I grew up with even going through this 3-9
season and knowing that I’m going three and nine but there’s been a lot tougher
things that I’ve had to go through in my life and just knowing and understanding
that tough times don’t last you know the tough people do, and so for me I’m
hardened calloused I embrace it I don’t back off
of it that’s in my DNA and that’s the DNA that I want to put into this program
I’m pretty prideful about being from here which is why this job the one I
coveted this is one of those areas where they weren’t we weren’t ever afraid to
go anywhere and compete against anybody and one thing you knew is that if we
didn’t win the game even or at least get a hell of a fight so I think that’s the
mentality of what this DMV area is all about at least that’s how I’ve known
it to be growing up here and you know we hope to see it reflected in the way
we play football there’s no shortcuts to it guys it’s no shortcut either we’re a disciplined team or we’re not either were disciplined or not either we’re a tough
team or we’re not there’s no gray area with it that’s what you’re working for
that’s the identity of 2020 that you’re working for calloused and together the types of teams that I’ve had success in as an assistant all shared this kind
of blue-collar workman like mentality that I don’t expect it to be easy and
actually embrace it being a little hard why is toughness so important to us
why is toughness so important you are fighting to stack those little chips when it
gets tough that you’re going to keep pushing that you’re going to embrace the
suck that you’re gonna keep working go finish together that’s part of being
calloused that’s part of being tough a blue-collar person maximizes every
second of the day the total focus goes into whatever it is
they’re doing and they do it without looking for the accolades that come
along with it good or bad they do it because it’s what needs to be done to me
the blue-collar mentality is a lot of what this DMV area is all about nothing’s going to be given to you and
if you want it you’re gonna have to work really hard for it or you’re gonna have
to go take it

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