UNK Athletic Hall of Fame: Travis Vallin

(epic orchestral music) – Travis was an outstanding player. He was in Kansas. He was selected as an
outstanding player in that state, and that’s certainly indicative
of his high school ability. We felt very fortunate
to be able to get him to come to Kearney State
College at that time. Came from a wonderful family. Modeled, I believe, a good work ethic and godly character and integrity, and I just felt like that Travis
possessed all those things, and that again contributed to his success, being where he was supposed to be, doing what he was supposed to be doing. He came here and that
ability continued to advance, and he was just an outstanding athlete on both the football field and track. He still holds the record in
the 400 hurdles here at UNK. He was an outstanding wide receiver, and he was here at the
same time Doug Banks, who was inducted last year
into the Hall of Fame was here, so we probably had two wide outs that would be as good as
anybody in the country in Division 2 at that time. And I think his accomplishments
in both football, and the records that he established, even though many of them have been broken at this point in time, at that time, it was a big deal. And his track records, as
I said, one still stands. So I think those things
speak for themselves. He just was an outstanding athlete. One of the things that
I like to think about when someone gets an honor like this, you know, it’s a credit to Travis, it’s a credit to his teammates, who each played a part in his success, and it’s a credit to his
coaches that worked with him, so it’s just really a big deal, and I hope that they really
truly enjoy this time.

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