UNK Athletic Hall of Fame: Paula West Mayfield

Paula came to campus
with Sammy Raczkadowski, and I always was looking
for a kid who was not, who had potential, but the
potential has never been really, had never really gotten out. And so I thought well,
she’d be interesting. She’d be an interesting prospect. We had two a days prior
to running cross country. And a lot of people didn’t
really like to get up at six o’clock in the morning and run. But she is tenacious. You give her something and
say, “This is gonna be tough and you may not be able to do it.” She’s gonna tell you,
“Sorry, you’re wrong.” I think the first time she got her first All-American in
cross country, to look at the joy that she had was memorable. And then when we went to Azuza Pacific and she had already
run at a national meet, the 10,000 meters, but when
she set the school record and got fourth in it, it was
another great time for her. Paula’s most deserving. I am so happy that she
was bestowed this honor. Go, Paula.

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