UFC 245 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

Colby Covington: When I’m not
in the Octagon, I’m training, you know, I’m usually hanging
out here at Dan Lambert’s house surrounded by different chicks. Usman: “With all
the different ch–” Ha ha ha! Oh, my God. It’s like the virgin that’s at
school fronting to his friends like, “Yeah, man.
I get chicks, bro. I got lots of chicks, man.” Ha ha! Ebro Darden:
“Ebro in the Morning,” give it up for Kamaru Usman. Yes, man. We don’t call him Marty
no more, man. Peter Rosenberg: No.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Darden: Say the name right,
man–Kamaru. Rosenberg: Kamaru Usman. This is the welterweight
championship, huh? Usman: Yeah. Of course. Darden: Kamaru Usman, what’s his name again,
the other guy? – Covington.
– Covington. Usman: Yeah.
See, we don’t even know. Like, the other guy.
Let’s just say the other man. You know, you try to walk around
with these 2, 3 chicks, man, they work
at Tootsies down there, man. Well, stop. Stop acting like,
you know, you got chicks, you got girls. You don’t, you know,
but that’s– He’s putting that out there
because that’s what he feels like people
pay attention to. Rosenberg: Now, do you feel
pressure, though? Usman: Now, I’ll be lying
if I say I don’t feel a little bit of pressure,
but that’s the pressure that I put on myself
to be able to perform, but it’s up to me to go in there
and control all that, hone it, use it,
and go out there and execute. Rosenberg: Pleasure, man. Usman: Thank you.
I appreciate it, man. Darden: Kamaru Usman.
Give it up one time. Rosenberg: Well, you go
this way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Usman: All right.
Appreciate you guys, man. Rosenberg: Good luck, bro.
Pleasure. Usman: He’s hiding behind
this fake patriotism and say, “Oh, yeah. I’m making
America great again.” Do you know how many Americans
and military veterans message me daily, “We just
want you to go out there and do what you do best, and
that’s either knock this guy out or dominate him
from start to finish.” Everyone is saying, “Oh, man,
he’s got cardio for days,” or, “He’s got pressure,”
but how do you deal with the pressure when you
punch at this guy and he hits you back harder,
you punch again, he hits you back
in the mouth harder? At some point,
you’re gonna realize, “Dang, I can’t bully this guy
like I bully everybody else. I can’t throw
a thousand punches and set striking-attempts
record like I do with everybody else.” I’ve got to try
a different approach. This is a guy that I felt that
since he was 6 years old that he started wrestling, Daddy needed to be there
to hold his hand. He felt privileged. I didn’t.
I had to work for everything. For the first two years of my
wrestling career in high school, my parents didn’t know
what I was doing. I put myself in this position,
and I continue to work and motivate myself, so when
this fight gets under way, he’s gonna realize
that he’s in there with a different opponent
with a different mentality. Last flight–last flight
till we get to Vegas, and then it’s work time,
as I always like to say, so I’m excited. I can’t wait. Let’s go. Let’s go make it happen.
Las Vegas, here we come. Covington: Let’s go
across the street and see what’s going on
in the mall. Yeah, shopping for probably
some workout clothes, you know, some little tights to sweat in,
and, you know, if I see something I like here,
I’ll definitely pick it up. You know, I got to impress
the ladies this week, you know? Man: It’s amazing. Covington: Nah. I haven’t
tried it. It’s a foot massage? Man: Yeah. Covington: Ah… Man: There.
Oh, you got the power– – Oh, yeah. Out?
– Yeah. Covington: OK.
Oh, that’s nice. Ha ha ha! Man: You got to tie it, though.
Tie it. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – You got to zip it up?
– Yeah. Covington: You know,
we’re always on our feet and messing our feet up
with kicks, and it’s kind of nice
to get your feet taken care of sometimes. Man: Oh, yeah.
You need to try this. Covington: Infinity. OK. Ooh, yeah. Man: What’s up, Colby? Covington: Ooh.
What’s up, brother? How you doing? Yeah.
Good to see you. – How you doing, man?
– I feel great, ready to go. Covington: Hell yeah. Marty Fakenewsman feels, like,
invincible right now. “All the fans love me.”
No. They don’t love you. They just hate me so much
that they’re cheering for you. They can give a [beep]
less about you. You’re irrelevant. This weekend, Marty Fakenewsman
falls off the face of the Earth, and no one cares about him
anymore. Your career’s over soon, buddy. Volkanovski: Busy. How are you? This is good. Man: So we’re gonna go
through this pretty quickly. Volkanovski: Green shorts
is all right? Man: Yes, sir.
Green shorts here by Kudos. Volkanovski: Last time
I wore green shorts, I got a massive KO. Man: We have a special gift here
from Bixler, the official jewelry licensee
for the UFC. They wanted to commemorate
your opportunity here– fighting for the belt,
the championship– Volkanovski: Yeah? Man: and they created for you
this 14-karat gold necklace. Volkanovski: I’m gonna take
a photo of that. Man: Of course. Volkanovski: Man. Look at that,
14-karat gold. Thank you.
Man: And all yours. Volkanovski: What?
Awesome. Thank you. Man: Yes, sir. Max Holloway: I stopped
putting my name and my nickname because, one, it was long
and, two, people started selling it,
so I just started putting my name, period, and then when I make it
to someone, I add “Blessed” so you know the difference,
my friends. Man: Hey, Max. Holloway: How you
doing, brother? Quitting time. Oh, what’s up, Hawaiian? – I didn’t get the memo.
– They check in all right? Soriano: Kind of looked for it.
I didn’t know where to go. – Hi. Hi.
– Hi. – Nice meeting you.
– You, too. – How you feeling?
– I feel good. – You look good.
– How you feeling? – Oh, I feel excited.
– You know that I’m excited. Holloway: At least we get
a Hawaiian. Soriano: Yeah. Holloway: Hawaiian train
coming through, baby. Another Hawaiian on the card. That’s giving me goosebumps. I love it when I got
a Hawaiian on the card with me. Usman: Colby is in danger
because he understands that I’m a different breed. I have raw, African power,
and tonight he’s gonna see that. I worked tirelessly
all through my career to–to– Ugh! I need a banana,
so–ha ha ha!– I might eat that banana soon. Ha ha! That’s just absurd, absurd, 300,000 for a [beep]. Volkanovski: Oh, Christmas? ♪ Santa Claus
is coming to town ♪ Here we go. France: No.
Looking good, mate? Volkanovski: Looks good, mate.
Looks good. Man: Look at this guy.
Look at this guy. He’s ready… [Laughter] got the moves down. [Laughter] All right.
Let’s jump on in, guys, whoever wants to be
in the photo. It can be you two.
It can be– – Come on, the team.
– The full crew. Yeah. Volkanovski: Team, let’s do it. Man: All right. Here we go.
Ready, guys. Ready? 1, 2, 3. He’s holding that
like it’s a rap video, man. France: Yeah. Ha ha! Man: Perfect.
All right, fellas. Anything else? You guys good? – No. I’m good.
– Solid, brah. Yeah. – That’s it. Done.
– That’s it, man. – That’s the shot.
– Easy. Volkanovski: That’s the shot. Holloway: Oh, and the thing
is Blessed Express. Woman: Yeah, the front. I have the ruby when
you got it from Edgar and then the ruby when
you’re gonna get it on Saturday. Holloway: Yes. Thank you.
It’s excellent. If I miss weight 10%,
I get it from you guys? Woman: Ha ha ha! Not my fault.
Not my fault. Holloway: Thank you, guys.
Thank you. – Hey.
– Hey, what’s up? Holloway:
Look at this [beep], huh. Mike Perry: Looking at that
all week. Oh, man, that’s a b– Holloway: I’m gonna hit that
family 10% if I miss weight. Perry: Saturday night, man. Holloway: I see cupcakes.
I see a honey bun. I didn’t eat a honey bun
since I was in high school, and then this is
the Mexican-flavor snacks. Oh, my, God, that pepper thing,
that really packs a punch, so I guess they’re
really getting me ready, and then they gave me– Look at this. They gave me my ruby
because they already know. They already know,
another soul stone, baby. Charles Stull: All right. Just to help me
familiarize myself with the weight-cutting
practices that you do over fight week,
this should help with any water retention
you might have. Like, water intake’s increased. We recommend magnesium. It’s two scoops… a day. You can just add it
to your gallon, nice and easy. Along with this, you can add
one scoop of glutamine. Here you go.
Thank you very much. Usman: All right.
Thank you, guys. – I’ll see you tomorrow.
– All right. – How about the squirrel?
– The squirrel. Nunes: Squirrel? Yeah.
I can do squirrel. Ansaroff: Yeah. I guess I’ll
wear the cat one and be weird. Man: You can have it, and if you guys want
candy canes– Oh, we got these necklaces
that light up, too. – You look so cozy.
– She does. Nunes: Did I–
Didn’t even think– – Some garland on you?
– OK. Nunes: [Indistinct] Ansaroff: Let’s go, Mandy. Make you come here.
Man’? Mandy, come– Man: OK, and then one more just you guys standing
next to each other. Ansaroff: OK. Be normal,
just normal womens. Man: Perfect. Yeah.
That’s awesome, you guys. Hold it. There you go. [Laughter] Get cozy.
That’s perfect, you guys. OK. Let’s mix it up. ♪♪

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  2. Everyone knows the DNC cranked up Russia hysteria to distract from the fact that team HRC sabotaged Sanders, teed up Trump, & still lost. BTW I paid my own way to Russia to call for a ceasefire in Syria, while Bill Clinton went there to pick up $500K from a Kremlin-linked bank. By Jill Stein.


  4. Usman is so damn lame. I hope Colby just demolishes him like he did to Robbie. Would make for a more interesting division. Covington VS Masvidal for the belt 2020

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  8. “ division 2 was created was created so crap athletes like you don’t go and commit suicide because you suck” – Brock lesnar ( D1 wrestler) to Shane Carwin ( D2 wrestler)

  9. what's all these gay comments from these white soy privilege murfukers, what business do you have with an athlete's hairline, cos u got timid and useless after u got bullied in high school makes u believe shaming an African Champ will get under his nerves? nah that will only make him murk your white soy boy all night

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  24. This is great! We wanted to give you guys an update. Bruce Buffer has decided to take an exhibition fight. We'll announce the full details on December 20th. We're happy to support Bruce in fulfilling his dreams. See FULL INTERVIEW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlWAL2oqM9o?

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