UB Women’s Soccer Road Victory at Ohio

all we can worry about is what’s in
front of us and that’s a lot absolutely this group is getting better every
single time you step on a field we’re moving the right direction the right
time of the year go it’s a big one for us let’s show how
good a team we are we are one leadership took a different level today
there were six minutes left in the game you’re losing one nothing and you won
it in a minute enjoy this one all right you’ve earned it
Wow you know we’ve been talking all year about grit and that was the true
definition of it and then the the resilience we showed and you know I get
there wasn’t much to the game I think was very evenly matched both you know to
two themes kind of destined for overtime it looked like you know we just had one
little one breakdown and next thing you know we’re don’t want nothing having to
chase the game a little bit I thought oh how did a fantastic job trying to kill
it off but you look at the leadership of this team and they’re that today was the
day that they said absolutely we are not losing this game and they took it on
their shoulders and both of them obviously Jules at the second goal which
is which is unreal but even Carissima you know that kid’s
best attribute is that she does she never gets down herself it’s always the
next play for her and her willingness to keep going is what got us the first goal
you always play good soccer as a team but in the end of the day the harder
working team is gonna win and this team didn’t put their heads down when we were
down with nothing and we kept fighting the whole game and it paid off it was
awesome to see her score her first career goal we all knew it was coming
it’s just a matter of time and what better day to score her first gold on
her birthday we’ve been playing really well we keep
telling the girls keep getting better keep getting better but we’ve missed
this we’ve missed whatever the spark is whatever that that difference is to win
games and they did whatever it took today to find a way to win and you got
to give it to them because they’re the ones that the end of a that make the
difference and they did and even the players coming off the bench and whether
it was you know big minutes or little minutes everyone played their part today
and and you kind of just reward them for their effort and just their desire to

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