UA women b-ball w/ high expectations after media day

no no welcome back my friends I’m Paul c-collar the countdown is on for november fit that is when coccidia bars and the arizona women’s basketball team takes the court in the season opener however there’ll also be a tune-up game and a preseason matchup against Eastern New Mexico on October 27th and they make no mistake there are some high expectations for the Wildcat basketball team with all the returning starters talking all five starters Arizona is hoping to continue the momentum from last year’s WNIT championship run it all ended with victory in the first sellout ever for a women’s basketball game with a record crowd that totaled nearly 15,000 fans Arizona’s victory was seen by millions of people on live TV but coccidia bars tells me it is all about looking forward now I think it’s last year’s last year so we’re not resting on our laurels we’re not thinking about last year we’re going for next we want more we’ve had a taste of success so now we’re trying to go to make the tournament and I think the team’s been incredible embracing all the differences and it’s not easy just understanding that you know the season is a marathon not a race you know just because we drop a couple games here and there does it mean that that determines our fate at for season and just come together as a team we have a lot of talented people on this team everybody is kind of figuring out their roles you know right now and just maximizing the things we can do together [Music] and we have more on Arizona’s schedule on we’ll be right back would last look at your weather

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