TVJ Midday News: Suspected Case of Coronavirus in Jamaica? – January 28 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom we
begin with news that medical officials at the University Hospital of the West
Indies are treating a suspected case of the corona virus the hospital’s accident
and emergency department has been treating the suspected case all morning
now we have also learned that the A&E department is on partial shutdown the
patient is female and is in quarantine and the microbiology unit at the
University Hospital is also locked up now regarding the patient TVJ News
understands that the patient went to China to visit our relative and recently
returned to Jamaica the patient flew in to Jamaica via the Norman man the
International Airport we do not know when the patient arrived and the Health
Minister dr. Christopher Tufton will be having an emergency press conference at
12:30 so once again just letting you know that medical officials at the
University Hospital of the West Indies are treating a suspected case of the
corona virus and we expect much more from the minister when he holds his
press conference in a few minutes meanwhile dr. Christopher Tufton in an
interview on primetime news last night said the ministry had all in place to
treat with cases of the corona virus he was speaking with TV jays Danella press
use the truth is that I have full confidence in our health staff nurses
included who are there we have sufficient infrastructure and that is
why we have been able to prevent viruses or new diseases like the the this
particular one from entering our shores now there’s always a margin of error and
one could always argue for more facilities but let’s take the issue of
an isolation area the truth is that our health officials are the port’s if the
need arises have access to areas that can isolate an individual
is suspected of having a particular ailment or a particular represents a
particular risk beyond that there is logistic support to move persons from
the port to a medical facility where we have those in place but again I say in
situations like this we have to be careful that we do not create an
impression that we are led where unexposed because we would be doing
ourselves a disservice or nurses have worked very hard and yes they do come
under stress and as a government we want to work with them which is why we have
done a number of things to support I think it’s important for the Jamaican
people to understand that we all have a role to play which is why public
education is key but the government is taking this issue very seriously that
was Health Minister dr. Christopher Tufton speaking last night on primetime
news talking about Jamaica’s readiness for the corona virus now for those of
you just joining us we told you a few minutes ago that the University Hospital
of the West Indies are treating as is treating a suspected case of the corona
virus and we told you that the patient is female
more details are coming in as we speak we have subsequently learned that the
female patient is a business woman who returned to the island on January 12 and
she just started showing symptoms of the virus and of course we’ll keep you
updated during the day and we’ll have much more details in prime time news at
7 in other news farmers in Central Village
Saint Catherine are calling for the National Water Commission to provide
compensation after their farm was covered by water from a broken end of
the sea main they told TV je news that the water has been flowing through their
farm for over three weeks now despite several reports of the commissioner TV
jays kaliesha Williams has that story it has not rained in Central Village st.
Catherine for days yet this vegetable farm is covered by floodwaters the
sorcerer looks like an underground spring but it’s actually a broken end of
Lissie pipeline nearby these rotten vegetables told the tale and the farmer
are I read well am i earning gand on the gin much time on top honking almost to
me at or pop Joe pepper everything’s all right I know something are we gonna go
up on that side that side that did the cancer the camera take it
water boots come in handy as a farmer servers through the murky water and
instead of celebrating their first harvest for the new year the farmers
have to be counting their losses to make matters worse they will not be able to
replant anytime soon even if the water dries up and as you can see the wallet
my lord I would Nora source disappears are comin away see I will basically
plant pop Joe catch crop and to the water our here no not me accuracy
yourself we were told the water has been flowing through the farm for three weeks
no despite reports the National Water Commission welcomed a conflicted what
I’m Mickey coma for the farm like we can’t do a thing me now I get no answer
from no one on this morning we decide we take it open and I go to TVJ no mega
water commissioner they say miss lemon integrity VJ for this need we open it
where ask for some help from you about power food when I have not let you know
when we contacted the Commission’s public relations department
we’re told they have nor ports of the incident however a representative told
us a team will be deployed to the area to carry out further investigations
kaliesha Williams TV news the police say they will not relent in the fight
against crime police commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson was addressing
Lane magistrate’s in Montego Bay recently as you’re probably aware we
have whole or parts large parts of gangs in custody awaiting trial at the moment
the largest being 50 members of one gang and
gang leaders are in custody awaiting trial we’re waiting under the the
verdict from the first gun case 1919 members are there still awaiting the
verdict we should get that next in March and that gang is the yuchun’s wilson
gang chief justice Brian Sykes is expected to
rule on the case in March prosecutors say members of the yuchun’s
Wilson gang were involved in murders rapes and armed robberies between 2015
and 2017 the gang allegedly stole license Firearms cars and other items
valued at more than four hundred million dollars in the meantime Major General
Anderson says there are a number of other gangs that will be brought before
the courts we have another one another gang case that just started last week
for another collective and I have 12 lined up to come when you start to do
that that’s what’s gonna give you the long term change that’s what’s gonna
make the difference with that organized crime highly violent gang culture that
exists meanwhile the police commissioner is insisting that states of emergency
are not the only response to crime with the addition of the Eastern Kingston
Police Division on Sunday it SOE zernow in operation across the country but for
the police commissioner SOS help to hold shootings and murders
Major General Anthony Anderson pointed to major technological advancements in
the police force this he says will help with how cases are tracked by the police
in addition more technology will be used to help with how resources are allocated we’re just doing the evaluation on
station record management system which is if in effect the e diary and that’s
in a view to at some point in not distant future we will get rid of
the paper records and go to an electronic system that links us as soon
as something’s entered in st. James we know in Portland we know in Kingston and
we know in Port Marant that something has happened this is
going to significantly impact the ability of people to avoid the law as of
this month we’ve started to track our vehicles within another month we’ll have
about a thousand two hundred of them tracked so we’ll know how fast they’re
going how they being driven where they are where our people are what they’re
doing and when you have a traffic accident it will generate a report in
six seconds and it’s time for a break but stay with us we have more stories
right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news there are more reactions to news that members of the Caribbean maritime
university CMU council who recently resigned had a signed non-disclosure
agreements attorney-at-law Burt Samuels has strongly criticized the concept of
the agreement The Gleaner reported on the weekend that the agreements
Markham’s members from speaking publicly about information obtained during their
tenure it’s valid for five years from the date it was signed the Prime
Minister has promised to look into the issue and raised it at cabinet according
to mr. samaras several questions immediately arise when these agreements
come into play because it appears there’s something to hide it puts a lot
of pressure on the individuals who are signing these agreements because no
doubt it was a condition of their service and it is obvious that the
whistleblower that is required to help us at times would become you know
trapped by this agreement mrs. Samuels outlined and northern negative
implication of non-disclosure agreements do not meet with persons who really want
to serve and who believe that they should not be involved in secrecy
it pushes away people who want to do that and it sends a bad bad signal for
those who are serving as though we could point to them and say okay you’re a part
of the cover-up who wants to be part of a cover-up especially at the CMU is now
looking in you know in retrospect so bad the government is being called on to put
measures in place to deal with the poor road conditions especially in northern
Jelani t BJ’s prints more reports the call comes from MP for northern
Chelonia victor right following the withdrawal of touch the services
yesterday by some operators who ply the route from Falmouth to Hammersmith in
Trelawney mr. Wright says he has made attempts to get funding for the project
I have on the table Parliament right now questions to the Prime Minister asking
him about to answer about this road I need to know how much money has been
spent in this constituency because when you look what is happening around North
relining you have roads fixing from Jackson thrown up just to atone you have
solar and that was the year before I came but in all the other constituencies
you have at least some semblance of Road appears that is happening none is
happening in north alone and as a member Parliament get it in your head I have
gotten not even one cent as a member of parliament the taxi operators say for
years they have been calling on the government to address the road
conditions as it’s costing them thousands of dollars to repair their
vehicles which are damaged repeatedly by the poor state of the roads we have many
craters all along the road and we have been having this situation for very long
time now so we decide that we need some very good attention from those who are
in authority in the meantime counselor for the Martha by division Philip
service says for years there have been efforts to fix some sections of the
roads he says this is done through patching but that’s not enough at this
time in spite of fact that there have been funds allocated occasionally 40 for
the occasional patch in the condition of the road is so bad that the tax men here
have been calling for one of the major I think that I recall is right no more
patching on the road as we speak some porcinis even going on and that is what
I think has escalated this thing situation this morning know this appeal
to the government last week or in Parliament and there was a supplementary
estimate here but for one point four billion dollars and we heard that that
money is to go towards Road appears I am NOT one of the lucky mm MPs in
Parliament to have been receiving any of this allocation from my constituency I
am saying that allocates some money for the
road especially this particular Road another inch Ilana unless the
contractors bid so we can have proper piers being executed for the road it’s a
disgrace mr. Wright is also calling for the government to dialogue with MPs when
roads are to be fixed in a constituency so what I agree that
tourism is important and that Nero to Google needs to be repaired if you are
going to in one instance and this argument is out here that the money
comes from tourism phone all the money belongs to the taxpayer every money in
the country belongs to the taxpayer and somebody is responsible for allocating
that money if you can allocate money to fix a tourism road that 2% of the
constituency uses then you can allocate money to fix a major road that the other
98% you Prince more TVJ news more students at the University of the West
Indies Mona are to benefit from increased scholarships Scotiabank is the
lead sponsor of the UWI Toronto benefit gala scholarship program senior vice
president with responsibility for international banking Brendon King
explained that a 10-year partnership with the program has raised over 1.5
million Canadian dollars for over 500 beneficiaries at the recent awards
ceremony mr. King revealed that Scotia Bank has extended the partnership for an
additional five years we’ll be increasing our total sponsorship
investment to 75,000 Canadian dollars per year and most importantly our sponsorship our
sponsorship will include 15 new scotia bank scholarships per year designated to
support worthy students in need among the recipients this year are Jody more a
final year actuarial science student and TJ Henry with studying linguistics and
language education we’re willing to give just breathtaking to me like they’re
willing to give without any other expectation only that of your success
now that just means so much to me I experienced quite a few financial
struggles in my first year of University and this life-changing award has acted
as a lifeline that has allowed me to continue to pursue my studies here alright and just to remind you that the
medical official officials at the University Hospital of the West Indies
are treating a suspected case of the corona virus the andi department of the
hospital is on lockdown and they have been treating the suspected case all
morning it’s on partial shutdown it’s a female patient and they are in
quarantine the patient recently visited a relative in china and we’ll have much
more we’ll continue to track this story and give you more details on as it
unfolds the minister health minister dr. christopher Tufton will be having a
press conference scheduled for about 12:30 so we’ll try to bring you all the
details as far as possible and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea
Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams good afternoon

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