The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession

In a typical suburban neighborhood
outside Las Vegas an average American family is just
starting its day. Dylan, JJ! But this family is going to have to
do some heavy lifting Good girl! There we go. To push their bodies above and beyond average because… We’re the strongest…family…in the world! Yeah! Come on, honey. Almost there. All day long. Nice. Nice! C’mon! Nick, Callie, Dylan and Jessica Best train their bodies up to 240 hours each week. 2, good. 3, good JJ! While some pediatricians warn against weight training for kids 11 year old Dylan routinely dead-lifts 130 pounds. I do like working out. It’s like my coffee in the morning. If I don’t do it, I don’t feel right. Squat down, lower your butt, pull back on your heels. Pull back on your heels and stand up. Pull, pull back, pull back, pull back, pull back! You got it! Stand up! That’s pretty close. Dylan’s sister, Jessica, is a normal 46 pound 5 year old girl. Oh my gosh, JJ! Experts recommend children her age train with 1 pound weights. But she can lift 100 pounds. Oh my gosh! Wow, awesome! People think it’s strange that Jessica can lift double her body weight. but she loves doing it and she’s not hurting anything. I want to be like my mommy because she’s pretty and strong. Oh, I feel a little baby callus! Look, I see! Look at that! Our family is normal in the way we love one another but we’re not normal physically. And if that makes us bad, then I’m sorry, then we’re bad. The family obsession with muscle began way back when Nick was just a high school wimp. My sophomore year I was 5’3″ and 130 pounds and I went through a huge growth spurt at the exact same time I found weights and power lifting. Yeah nice, Nick! Good job, babe. Nick is a regular competitor on the strongman circuit where rivals
perform feats of strength and where Nick met professional strongwoman, Callie. He walked out of the elevator, our eyes locked obviously the first thing that I noticed about Nick where his physical attributes there’s nothing more sexy and a big, strong guy, period. but the Best’s don’t spend all day in the gym. To replace what they burn off while working out Dylan and Jessica consume nearly twice the
recommended calories for their age Nick eats anywhere between 10 and 15 thousand calories in a day If I don’t constantly feed I just won’t maintain this mass here’s 12 eggs and this is what Nick will go through in one day and that’s just for Nick. The whole family eats 10 dozen eggs every single week.

100 thoughts on “The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession

  1. My gosh she can lift 100pounds while I can’t even lift 30 pounds😱😱😱I telling every one if someone knows her don’t go mess with her litterely don’t she is gonna smack u in the face so don’t 😨😨

  2. No way and my dad is going to gym every day he starts january date 1 I am not gym but some times I go you best strong family bye and siyyyahhhhhhh

  3. The dad islike Wow just *Wow*😳
    I can even lift 1 pound and here she is Lifting 100 Pounds 😑
    I feel so week Now😂

  4. I'm not being mad. But this family is harming there kids. There kids are still growing and they are lifting weights which they are holding themselves from growing.

    These kids are still really young to be lifting weights at such a young age. The only exercise that's healthy for kids are physical exercises like push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, squats etc. It's just science. You can't argue with science

  5. 1'42 she's not hurting anything 🤦🚶

    She's hurting her body because kids can not be lifting weights at a young age. Get facts right

  6. That kid ain't pushing no car.he ain't pulling no hundred pounds. They ain't no strongest family in the world there's people stronger. IDK why people post stuff like this on YouTube it's ridiculous to me they fake it all. It's a scandal it's crazy. He ain't lifting no hundred 30 lb crazy he can't do that he is freaking 11 years old. He faking it or something he is 11 years old he cannot do that. He can't deadlift 130 lb that. That little skinny girl cannot lift 100 lb crazy full of lies.

  7. they work their bodies 240 hours each week? Im from uk and the last time i checked there were 168 hours in a week. do y’all americans have extra hours in a day? cuz this guy in the background is talking bullshit

  8. for those of u talking about the 240 hours aren’t in a week thing, they mean like each persons hours added up. For example if two people worked out together for an hour, the total between them would be 2 hours heheh

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