69 thoughts on “The sports world reacts to Kobe Bryant’s death

  1. I wouldn’t turn on comments on that last hit piece you put out either. “Complicated legacy”? How shameful.

    WaPo cowards. Evil media whores, you people.

  2. You deleted that hit piece from yesterday, then reposted it and closed the comments. You're such a trash organization and you're despicable.

  3. turned off the comments on the other one huh.. yeah that makes sense.

    you guys should shut up and think for a while.

  4. ALL unsubscribe from this trash now. the other video they made is completely disrespectful. lets get them down to 0 subs

  5. You took the down the comments for the the legacy video? You are frauds and anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear can see it. Continue your farce while you can, and enjoy the lives this corruption has granted you, while it still affords you such. We see what you are doing.

  6. Lol we all know you deleted the video what's the point? When you flop on your face through your journalism you should at least own up to it not censor your dying audience by turning off the comments. It's disgusting how you are milking Kobe's death as a source for views, although many other forms of media are doing this, that doesn't make it ok.

  7. You deleted the previous video because of the downvotes, and now you've re-uploaded it with the comments off.

    I was wondering whether or not to cancel my subscription. Thanks for making my choice easier.

  8. We need to send this to someone who will report on them so everyone can see and it's a good thing I got everything i need to burn them.

  9. @Washington_Post I have reported your latest video to YouTube as it violates YouTube's guidelines under "abusing vulnerable individuals." This is because the man that you discussed in the video, Kobe Bryant, is no longer alive to defend his reputation (which matches the definition of a "vulnerable individual"), which you so willfully attempted to degrade. I recommend others in this comment section, who agree with this argument, to do the same. Either the Washington Post officially takes the video down or YouTube will be forced to do it for them.

  10. I've never been more disgusted by a media outlet than I have by the Washington Post. You posted a hit piece on Kobe yesterday within hours following his death. Took it down and now re-uploaded it.

  11. You should be ashamed of your last video about why Kobe left complicated legacy don’t any of you have any sense of decency completely rude and inappropriate you should take it down

  12. why does this video have 60 dislikes. if you don't have anything nice to say then please don't say it. Especially during times like this. R.I.P Kobe rest up.

  13. He raped that young women bruised her neck bleeding down there from the rape shoved her face into the couch to stop her crying great guy

  14. I can't quit focusing on Kobe and Gianna's death. As a father of a 2-year old girl, and lifetime admirer of Kobe (i'm 34… grew up in the 90s), I was never a Lakers fan, but Kobe is Kobe. It's as if MJ died, maybe worse, because Kobe was very close to being as legendary as MJ, but was more involved in the community. My heart goes out to Vanessa; I can't imagine what she's going through right now. My empathy capabilities can't get there. I am praying for her and her family in these times. Kobe may have, MAY HAVE, had fidelity issues, but he was human: capable of mistakes. It's obvious he made up for it with his wife. Aside from possible infidelity, what did he do wrong in life? Such a tragedy. I just can't believe it. I don't even follow sports anymore; I'm too busy as a father and IT professional myself. Still, I'm just so sad. I prayed for Vanessa and her daughters last night, and I will continue to do so. Kobe, you left quite an impact. Gianna, you were a precious angel.

  15. It’s truly a sad situation and KOBE BRYANT was a great man ! But I’m so sick of how when a athlete or movie star gets killed the media is flooded with the news and all the memorials while are soldiers and vets getting killed gets very little notice if any sorry but I feel more sorry for the Americans hurt in the missal attacks on our embassy!! Especially when the flight never should have left the ground because of weather conditions the pilot is 100% at fault the same applies to any one on that flight ! NO smart pilot would even attempt it

  16. This whole thing is just sad and depressing. Even if you're not a Laker fan, if you're a basketball fan, this had to hit you hard. Kobe is one of the all-time greats. Gone to soon, RIP Kobe u will be miss Dearly by all your fans all over the world……….😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  17. Dont be sad Kobe's gone be happy he lived. someone never "TRULY" dies unless there forgotten rest in peace mamba and gigi 😭😭😭

  18. Disgusting slandering and disrespecting a mans name right after his untimely death unable to defend himself and disrespecting the vulnerable and the victims. Shame on you. Shame.

  19. Kobe I love you you’re a legend everyone asked for you to be in the world champion what you’re all around the heart and water you will be theRip

  20. Conveniently disable the comments for the legacy video. The man lost his life and his daughter and your publication has the nerve to talk about the man's short comings? What have all of you at WaPo done with your life that can even compare to the great things this man has done for others. I bet if we pry into your personal lives we'd find things you would not want to come to light… No wonder why Bezos got hacked.

  21. You guys are disrespectful and distasteful and have no moral regard for the family and the rest of the world grieving you guys are trash

  22. I was disappointed with the previous video that discussed Kobe’s complicated legacy.

    There is a time and place to discuss it, but the timing was wrong.

    I wrote in the comments that I am a supporter and subscriber to the Post, but that I was disappointed with the timing of the video.

    But now I have a real bone to pick with you people.

    You delete the original video because of the backlash that you received for it. You then re upload with comments disabled, precisely because you know that this is a controversial take, but you feel it’s important to say it. Fair enough.

    But then you place one of your reporters, Felicia Sonmez, on administrative leave for tweeting an actual piece of reporting on Bryant’s case.

    What a feckless, spineless, cowardly display.

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