The Soccer Champion 鈿金煆冣嶁檪| Triviatopia | Etermax | S01EP07

Hector, I´ve already told you! Nobody is allowed to use
their hands in soccer, except for the goalie! Ow! How can he remember
everything about history, but immediately forget
what you just told him? We have to find another way
to explain it to him. I know! If we go over
the origin of soccer, he will remember the rules! That’s a brilliant idea!
Let’s go! Here they found drawings
from 2500 B.C. of a game similar to soccer! I remember! The ball was made
of straw and grains so difficult to control
when you kick it. It’s not difficult for me! Tutankhamun!
Tutankhamun! Now I remember! The ball was a lot smaller,
and the players were not supposed to let it touch the ground! [Screams] I think this is too much
for Hector… [Screams] Of course! In America, the Mayans also
played a type of soccer! Look! There, they are
congratulating the winners! No! Those are the losers!
The winners are over there! We won!
Dummies! Aaaaahhh!!! The British were already
kicking the ball uncontrollably in the Middle Ages. Until 1863, when they founded
the soccer association. And created the rules
we use today. Yes! It became a… civilized game. [Whistle] [Crying] Hector, this is your chance
to prove yourself! NOT with your hands!!! Right! I must use my foot. [Kicks] GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!
YES!! He’s so happy! Yes… Although he scored
against his own team! It’s just a minor detail… (Cheering) Hector! Hector!

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