The International Wing Chun Academy (2.0)

Oh hey, look at you! Hey look at me, I’m over here! Hey, where are you going? Oi what’s the matter, don’t you like me? Hey bro, come and check this out. You’ve never been with a guy like me before. Oi boys, check this out! Just leave us alone, alright? We don’t want any trouble. Back off, I’m warning you! You alright? Let’s go. Wing Chun Kung Fu is fast, easy to learn and devastatingly effective. At the International Wing Chun Academy, students learn dynamic self-defence skills which may be applied from the first lesson. These skills are within the reach of anybody, regardless of age or physique, as Wing Chun does not rely on brute strength
to be successful. The International Wing Chun Academy was established by Grandmaster Jim Fung in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1973. Grandmaster Fung is recognised worldwide as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He trained for more than 45 years under Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, a closed-door student of the legendary Yip Man who took Wing Chun from
China to Hong Kong in 1948. From his many years of experience, Grandmaster Fung developed a unique training system which adapted the traditional Chinese method of training for modern day use,
while still retaining the authenticity of pure Wing Chun. This system equips students with highly efficient self-defence skills which lead to the development
of ‘thought force’ at the higher levels. An excellent example of
Wing Chun ‘thought force’ is Grandmaster Fung’s famous ‘one-inch punch’ in which his fist, placed just one inch from its target, could send an opponent reeling backwards by 3 metres or more. As well as providing excellent self-defence skills and fitness, Wing Chun improves posture, assists with weight loss and stress control, and improves concentration, confidence and overall wellbeing. The International Wing Chun Academy has established a worldwide reputation for the high quality and professional delivery of its teaching programme. Its classes are conducted by fully qualified instructors in safe, clean and friendly environments. Casual classes are available at all of the Academy’s headquarters 7 days a week from morning to night. General classes for men, women and children are offered, along with a wide range of specialty classes in areas such as fitness, relaxation, sparring and street defence. Wing Chun is the world’s fastest growing and most effective martial art, but it needs to be taught correctly to be useful in a real-life situation. The International Wing Chun Academy has decades of experience teaching
Grandmaster Jim Fung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu® and its senior instructors are among the world’s most talented martial artists. Visit the International Wing Chun Academy today to discover how you can improve your health and protect your personal safety with the amazing art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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  1. @ThisSentenceIsFalse That wouldnt have made a difference. They avoided confrontation by pressing forward but ran into an ambush. Those thugs would have followed and attacked no matter which direction the couple went.

  2. Wing Chun is not "easy to learn" (I quote the video) because it's very technical and needs notions that a human being has to train seriously. But, it becomes quicly effective. It's hard to learn because Wing Chun is an extremly complete system, after the basics, there are notion that you can train again and again, all the life if you want, you always can improve your Wing Chun.

    Thanks for this channel, it perfectly explains Wing Chun. Real Wing Chun.

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