The Grand Tour: Explaining Germans

I once had a very interesting conversation
with two friends of mine. One is from California, one is from Germany. And we were talking about losing your driving
licence. And the Californian said ‘In Germany, what’d
happen if you lost your licence and you then you know drove your car?’ And the German said ‘No, you cannot do this.’ And he says ‘Yeah, I know, but what if, I
know you’re not supposed to but what if you what if you did?’ He says ‘No you cannot drive you have no licence.’ And the Californian ‘Yeah man, but you know
late one night you just hell you go for a drive.’ And the German went ‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRIVE

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  1. And thats why we get away with no speed limits, because we stick to the rules.
    And maybe because we treat it like the americans the 2nd amandment

  2. Im am from Germany and I don‘t understand the question what do you mean with „drive without a license „ never heard that kind of Unsinn

  3. In Poland for not having driving licence document with you is just a small fine abaut 13$. Sometimes we feel almost sorry for terrorized Germans, freeking abaut such a trifles like missing document. Thenks God nobody told abaut driving withaut authorisation, that i.e. police took driving licence away, this poor German would probably die because of such a horror…

  4. You never know, man. One day you're driving without a license, the next you're re-militarizing the Rhineland.

  5. I had a teacher with a friend from Germany. The friend came to visit one time and late at night they were sitting at a light. The light was red but no one was around. The teacher decided to go through the light. The German nearly lost his mind.

  6. Actually there's a huge fine for driving without a license in Germany. Getting one after getting caught you have to take part in psychology classes and pass a mental exam. All of this is very very expensive esp. since many people need to be able to drive for work. In the US the consequences are also severe ranging from huge hikes in insurance premiums (if you manage to get insurance in the first place) to some time spent in jail for repeat offenders. While it might not sound like a biggie to drive without a license, it actually is. Driving after all isn't a right, it's a privilege esp. given that there are no speed limits on some highways in Germany

  7. Thanks for some German bashing, Mr. May. I guess we deserve it. Should I mention that in Germany every year round about 35.000 people are caught driving without a licence? But that ain't funny, so probably I shouldn't . . . Wait a minute, there's an interesting detail: Amongst the 35.000 there are 94 percent men, only 6 percent women. Does this tell us something?

  8. My parents are German and thats true…rules are not to broken! Im the same way…I like order, discipline, and predictibility…and rules. We Germans dont like grey areas!

  9. That's probably why it was only possible in Germany to create third Reich. Really good customs might lead to bad ideas sometimes.

  10. Oh man when i was fifteen i was riding a bike without a licence , thank fuck i didn't grow up in Germany

  11. I feel like Germany is about to switch in the opposite direction. Everything is getting more an more chaotic (especially for German standards). People are probably sick of this stiff, organised society… 🙂

  12. I see how Americans take driving without a license much less seriously, since getting one is so fucking easy. All I did to get my permit was pass a short multiple choice test with at least an 80%. Then to get my license all I had to do was drive around some low density residential streets for less than 10 minutes, no parallel parking or anything even close to that hard. My driving instructor said I rolled through a stop sign, but that didn’t really bother him at all so I passed. I can even legally drive a manual if I want even though I’ve never driven one in my life.

  13. This, this right here is what explains all about why I just can't stop watching the Grand Tour and hell, even Top Gear

  14. 100% accurate. There's no chance in hell you'll ever get busted for driving without a license. But nobody would ever do it.

  15. There is a difference between traffic laws and criminal laws in Germany. If you violate traffic laws the punishment is connected to the violation. You either are fined or temporarily loose your drivers liscence, (1 month, 3 months) but if you do not object, the case is done without a trial and, after a certain time, deleted from the record.
    If you are caught driving without a liscence this is no longer a violation against traffic laws but against criminal law. (like driving drunk, causing harm to s/o else or heaving a car race on public roads) You will definively end up in front of a judge and if you have a full record at that, (or lost your liscence because of DUI) you might loose your liscence permanently and are forbidden to get a new one for quite some years. (in case of repetition: forever)
    So, in Germany where (in some areas) owning an expensive car is the most important symbol of status, loosing the drivers liscence forever is seen worse in the hood than beeing a known runabout.

  16. I had a friend get arrested 3 times in one day (in Texas, mind you) for driving without a license. I bailed him out the first TWO times, 3rd time I told him to call someone else. Lol. We're still really good friends tho. . .and he's a lawyer now. I'm not sure how that's relevant but it feels like it is.

  17. My great grandmother is German, born there and fled to my country as a kid during WW2. Today she lives in a rural area and has a simple Fiat sedan and there are no police patrols in that region at all; she could drive without a license for decades before anyone findind out yet after her license expired she wouldn't drive anymore, says she doesn't want to break the law if it's not an emergency.

    PS: you can't get anywhere in that region without using a car lmao

  18. I live in Germany for a year now, many of these "it's impossible" actually doesn't apply. They like to skew law too. And from my previous experiences I know they are shit drivers, in last year I just have confirmation for that. Autobahn bollocks is just interwebs shit, they are such a disaster on the highway.

  19. Old saying of a (german) friend of mine: A car drives with fuel, not with a license. Another quote: Carry me in my car, I drive you home..

  20. I’m German living in Canada and I’ve never had a license but I drive all the time and to avoid being pulled over I use plates from a different province that I got at a flea market

  21. All the people here saying that we don't have a sense of humour. Of course we don't you nitwits, every time we try to have some fun you've got to help out the Yankees and France.

  22. How many Russians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Infinity. One to screw in the bulb, one to make sure he does it, another to make sure this other guy makes sure he does it, yet another to make sure this other guy makes sure the guy making sure makes sure he does it, even yet another to make sure … [goes on forever]

  23. Once I visited a German Christmas market with my family. Whe bought some delicius pork sandwiches in a stand, but they were big and we weren't really hungry, so my cousin (who is half German and lives there) asked the guy if he could cut them in halves. We didn't undestand much of the conversation, but we got the NEIN. That just wasn't the way they did it.

  24. Another thing we say in Germany is: after 5 beers, in the City you are called addicted, on the country you are called the driver! Little Help to Unserstand cultural differences in germany

  25. What if in Germany you actually had to plug your license in a car to make it work. Maybe that German was just from the future.

  26. It's more of an observation than a joke this and I am not German. God bless that white man in his 40s who made this miniclip possible. I wonder if we heard more german and american jokes than we heard racial slurs from that ignorant prick Clarkson.

  27. And thats the reason why they are able to have nice things IE the autobahn. Because people follow the damn rules. Here in Asia, people just drive in whichever lane they wish regardless of their speed. no rules no courtesy

  28. Here I am a foreigner in Germany:
    Hereby, I confess that German police confiscated my driving license for one month for driving over the speed limit.
    Hereby I confess that initially I tried to ask, in some German forums, about the exact consequence of still driving my car around without a licensee…
    Hereby I confess that all Germans answered back to my question like how this video explains and started even saying abusive things to me and made me feel very bad for asking such a question and I also got banned at the end and my question got deleted…
    Hereby I confess I got very offended and sadly I could never know what could happen to me beside reading about some long term jails and hefty fines in case I still dared to drive my car around…
    Hereby I confess I STILL DROVE MY CAR AROUND NOT FOR 1 DAY BUT FOR THE WHOLE MONTH… every day I would drive to work and come back and go shopping and like that… several times I locked eyes with the German police in their cars while they were passing near me… Once I saw a German police in front of me with the sign “bitte folgen” which means “please follow!” I almost panicked until I noticed it was escorting another car behind it and it had nothing to do with me and so I could still drive away without any suspicion! In another instance I almost got caught by another hidden mobile speed camera while I was of course driving without my license but over the speed limit! Fortunately I was not caught (maybe because my speed was not very much over the limit to draw attention to myself to get reported and hence being found out I am a banned driver)…
    Hereby I confess despite all these I STILL WAS NEVER CAUGHT AND THEY RETUNED MY DRIVING LICENSE EXACTLY AFTER ONE MONTH and years has passed since and no one got to know about this ever 🙂 🙂
    Hereby I confess I still giggle and ridicule all Germans in my mind and I still read their forums saying it is banned! ha-ha! I know better!
    I tell to Americans that there are foreigners in Germany who are more rebel than any American can still dream of…

  29. That's one bad thing about the german culture. That's how not know to think about yourself and be dependent and utterly obedient into a system that may be wrong in most cases.

  30. This reminds me of my first time in Germany. In Berlin, i visited the German History Museum. Since i only had a couple of hours to spare, i decided to skip the earliest history section and start from 1900. This didn't work out as planned because immediately i was stopped by one of the museum staff, probably as ancient as Berlin itself, who yelled "Halt!" and directed me to the start of the exhibition – "Ordnung ist ordnung".

  31. As an American I have drived without a license in my teen years and didn't care much until I got my permit and later on my license.

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