The Fortnight I Episode 3 I I Guess this is Growing Up I LGBT Webseries

I can see, I can see
I’m losing my vision
[door knocks][flashback whoosh][door knocks] [Peyton] Hi. Hey. Did you want to come in, or– No. Uhh, sorry… I-I don’t know what I’m doing here. I just… Okay, this is probably gonna
sounds stupid, but You know how we have this
routine now? Uh, we hangout every night
talking until way too late. Or early, I guess. And then we hug goodnight and
I go to sleep. And we’ve been doing it for
quite a while now so the fact that I had plans
tonight is super confusing to me. And why is that confusing
for you exactly? Well… Can I come in actually? Sure. So I guess I came by to see
how your day was and then hug you goodnight. My day was great. How was your date with Jacoby? You know, that’s not even his
real name. It wasn’t a date.[Luca, flashback]
We’re just friends.
[Peyton, flashback] I keep trying
to tell you he’s not a good person.
I’ve seen this so many times.He zeros in on who his friends likeand then he sleeps with them.[Luca]
None of his friends like me, right?
Funny story,
my roommate asked
if we were dating and if that’s why I need to see you
every night. Well, we aren’t so… Yeah, uh, I know that. I just thought it was interesting
that she thought that. You didn’t even hug me goodnight. Goodnight.
-Goodnight.[flashback whoosh]♪ We got a world to see ♪♪ Now it’s our turn ♪♪ Ohhh ♪♪ Let’s set out on our own ♪♪ We’ll see how
far we can go ♪
♪ Let’s see how
far we can go ♪
[quirky string music]Wait, she wants you to what?! I know. How much wine did you guys drink before she propositioned you
with this? I don’t know, two bottles? I seriously don’t know
what to do about this. You have to do it. You have to! Okay, wait. Tell me again,
how did she say it? “Peyton”… You know how she gets that one
tone that know one else can get? “Peyton” “What if this was a gift
from the universe?” “We’d be crazy to throw it away.” And then she uses her hands,
you know? [laughing] So what, she wants you to talk
about your innermost feelings every night like it’s her
freshmen year of college again? I guess.[flashback whoosh][acoustic guitar music]I don’t know. She said I could ask her
anything, no holding back. Any questions I’ve ever had. Anything I want to know about
the past 10 years. I can know anything. Anything I want. As long as I do the same. You have to do it. She wants you to ask her something. I mean, I don’t know why she
doesn’t just tell you, but you can’t pass this up. How long have you spent thinking
about what went wrong or why she left? Too long. You really think this is
a good idea? Yes.
Worst case scenario: It’s awful and you can just
write about it someday. [chuckles] Or now.
You have writer’s block anyway. I’m not gonna write about this. No. Yes, yes you are. You’re an adult now. You’re gonna do it.
You’re gonna write about it. And you’re not gonna do
anything stupid.
I have to go, my mom sense
is tingling.[Peyton]
Wait, but Isabelle–
-I’m hanging up, bye.
[flashback whoosh][flashback whoosh][Isabelle]
What’s in your mouth? How many time do I have to tell– Go.
Go wash your hands right now. Don’t look at me like that.
I’m being serious. You have another mom.
Why do you always come to me? [Isabelle whispering]
Jesus Christ. [sent text sound] You need to check on P. Yeah, I don’t think I’m the
right person to talk to her. I don’t care. This is Luca we’re talking about. You know what happened last time. Look, I made a promise and I will
do everything in my power to make sure that I follow
through on that. Uh, you made that promise.
Not me. Yes you did. You made a different promise. I’m officially invoking “VIP”. Ha, no. Yes.
Victor, Isabelle, Peyton. We made a promise to always
take care of each other. Even if we don’t like each other. I’ve had my dark ages with her,
but we got through it and you can do the same. [sighs] Fine. Your mom voice is really
harsh today. Hanging up now. [quietly] Fuck. She probably not gonna answer. [call ringing] What the hell? Hi. Hey, uh, I know we haven’t done
this in a while. But I just wanted to
check in on you. She invoked “VIP”, didn’t she. You know it. I’m sorry. I mean, I’m sorry that she called.
You don’t have to do this. No, I do. I do.
I um… Just wanted to see
how you’re doing and And I find it ridiculous that we
moved half way across the country and we don’t even communicate
anymore. Look, I know that we both said
things and did things, but I just– Uh, no. We don’t have to
get into that right now. [sighs] I just want to
let you know that I love you. And you’re my best friend and
you can let me know if you need anything. Same. Wait, where are you? Whoa! And is this where Luca
comes out of thin air?[Victor] Outta nowhere?
How did this happen?
I’m at this cabin and uh… [whispering] I’m kinda stranded.Because of these storms.And somehow the universe decidedTo throw in Luca for fun.[Victor laughs] Oh. My god. What does she look li–
Wait, no! What does she smell like?
Hot?!You and Isabelle have the
same brain.
Duh! Okay, well.
Take all the notes. I wanna know everything. And maybe when you’re done
honeymooning with Luca, you can maybe come to my place
and catch me up.
No, no honeymooning.[chuckling] None.But yeah.That sounds great actually.Well, I won’t keep youfor now.
I see you’re busy. But call me if you need anything.
I really mean it.Thank you, Victor.See ya.Bye.Do you believe that?
She fucking crazy. Look at her getting some!
Ooohh! He says bye too.
Bye! She’s crazy. ♪ Out here in the deep
over my head
♪ ♪ And I wish that I could
start again
♪ ♪ Wish I knew now what
I knew back then
♪ Here you go. What, what’s this? I’m in. You’re in? [laughs] Great. Um, that whole open and honest
catch up thing you… want to do, I’m in. Okay. Uh, cool. Yeah. Where do we start? Uhh… Wherever you want. Okay. Um, so… Do you ha… Do you have a dog? [awkward laugh] Uhh… No. No dog. [quietly] Okay. Okay, cool.
My turn. [nervous gay laughs] Uhh So you know… Um. How’s life? Why don’t we start with that one. -Mmm, good. Yeah, fine.
-We can unpack it, yeah? ♪ Can I start again♪ Yeah ♪♪ Can I start again ♪

50 thoughts on “The Fortnight I Episode 3 I I Guess this is Growing Up I LGBT Webseries

  1. I look forward to these every week! Great pacing so far, I think. And I love how we're seeing flashbacks along with the present day events. Also I cringed so hard when Luca overheard them talking about her; these situations call for headphones!

  2. 💛"your mum voice is really harsh today"
    "do you have a dog?"😂
    "she invoked VIP didn't she?" "you know it"
    "I just want to let you know that I love you"♥️
    "you can just write about it someday"
    "I really mean it"♥️ "thank you Victor"
    "you know how we have this routine now…the fact that I had plans tonight is super confusing to me"♥️
    "you didn't even hug me goodnight"
    "As long as I do the same" ooooh

    Thing is, this needs to never end. Soooo.
    The relationships. The people.  How you've all put it together. The music. Heart.
    Damn people. You're all fab. Thanks. Keep going. & Take care 💜

  3. Lovely! “Your mom voice is really strong today”. Haha. I have teacher voice/look and kids I don’t even know are like “yes mam” 😂

  4. Aggghhghhhhhhgggghhh gosh I love this. Can't help smiling in a wonderment and isn't this adorable and compelling and so well written and acted kinda way. Aggh so much adoration for this showww

  5. I really hope that it's a happy ending one 💕 I fall in love with the series alrd and trust me, if they're not a happy ending, im gonna bawl my eyes out 😭

  6. OMGeeee, the gay panic with Luca is funny as hell! Best episode so far, LOVE how, Victor, and the MOM coordinate care and feeding for Peyton. I have no doubt these two WILL consume all the wine. Can't wait for the next episode! Kudos!

  7. "Worst case scenario it's awful and you can write about it someday…"
    Is that what you did, Cory!? 🤣 Another great episode! The tension between Peyton and Luca, now and in the flashbacks, oh my god this is gonna be good. I hope. I hope it's gonna be good. Don't play with us. 🤣🤣🤣

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