The Dream Team Surprises a Former Pro Soccer Player

Moises Fajardo gives every moment of his free time to teach dozens of kids, all about soccer. They think they’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at news crews out on the field. This is where soccer happens. It’s also where surprises happen. Like the one right now, Moises, it is all about you today! (cheering and clapping) I nominated Moises for the Dream Team because he is the most amazing coach I’ve ever worked with. He’s, gives his whole soul to these kids, and he coaches between ten to twelve teams every season, Him and his wife will pay for registration fees if kids can’t cover it. They end up paying for referee fees, they end up paying for jerseys or uniforms a lot of the time because there’s a lot of kids that can’t afford it. We have some things for you. Oh, okay. Okay, I’m gonna start with, a gift from Woodside Homes. There’s a $200 gift card in here that will help you buy equipment, buy the nets, buy whatever you need to keep your teams playing with the proper equipment. We appreciate it, thank you so much. Thank you so much. We have some other surprises for you Moises. We’ve heard that you sometimes will take money out of your own pocket to buy cleats for some of the players that maybe can’t afford them, and so we have several pairs of cleats that we want to donate to you as well. Thank you. And then we also have $500. Oh, thank you so much. To donate towards your cause. You are meeting real life soccer stars, right here. (clapping) Can you sign our forehead? (laughing) We got some jerseys and balls that are signed by the team, so. Yeah so, we wanted to give this to you, and thank you for everything that you do, it means a lot. He’s teaching these kids to love a great sport but he’s loving the kids, and when he loves the kids, they just shine, and so he’s changed a lot of kids’ lives.

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