The BGI academy: Endless Opportunities

Hi, my name is Helle Vestergaard, and I’m the principal of the BGI academy. Having more than 500 students and 28 sports subjects, The BGI academy is the second largest boarding school, efterskole in Denmark. The sports represented on our athletic program range from traditional football, handball and basketball to alternative choices including parkour, dance and snowboarding. Here on BGI we teach physical educational gymnastics. We call it PE Gym or PE Gymnastics. We strive to build up the foundation of any sport basically. Physical educational gymnastics is not only about improving your skills. It’s actually about having fun and making friends. It’s a unique possibility and it’s a unique experience you’ll get when you have physical educational gymnastics. The whole setting at the BGI academy is great for personal development as well as athletic progress, and if you take a look around you can tell that the facilities are just outstanding. Apart from the different gyms and arenas you can always find a place to relax or hang out with your friends in-between classes or training sessions. There’s this atmosphere around here that just makes you wanna go and work hard towards your goals – And that applies to everyone, no matter if you’re a football player, a basketball player, or gymnast. Or no matter if you’re training just to have a good time with you friends or even aiming at the Olympics. Our students are having a busy schedule – and at some points they might find it hard to cope with. That’s why we help them develop skills to make their lives easier. In their sports they work with physical, technical and tactical skills, but we also want them to focus on things that happen in a teenager’s life outside the sports arenas. That’s what we call Sport-Life-Balance.
Through team sports like basketball we try to incorporate things – For example having a responsibility for something that’s greater than yourself and being a part of the group. It becomes very clear when we can use basketball as a way to illustrate that – And also to get the kids to have a sense of community, being a part of something, and achieve something that they can’t do on their own. Everything’s not about sports, though. The education we provide is the most important thing. We currently have a number of students from all around the world, and we’d like to welcome even more foreign students to the BGI academy. Welcome the the BGI academy.

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