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Hey guys Gaston from Connecting Tennis
here welcome to another video quick reminder again remember the
registration for the forehand week it’s already open you’ll have the link here
in the description it would be amazing it’ll mean a lot to me it’ll mean a lot
to you to be there to learn a lot of staff that I prepare there great staff
and you’re going to be able to see and to know there some things that are gonna
come after the forehand week to keep improving and to keep working and to
keep making this process better and improving and of course working together
because that’s what I want I want to work with you I want to coach you I want
you to you know make you better tennis player with real things real real videos
real coaching communication a lot of a lot of back-and-forth alright so click
the link below there register three video lessons totally free and online
alright so now yes we’re going to get into the topic of today’s video
which is gonna be I’m going to show you my forehand training five exercises five
drills that I do to improve my forehand cross-court down the line inside out
inside in okay different angles five things that I keep doing to work on my
forehand I just wanted to show you this because a lot of people were asking for
this alright let’s take a look alright guys you could see there
exercises like I said you can you know if you have a partner somebody to toss a
ball for you these ones are not to make by yourself but a great ones
alright for training purposes and everything so that was it for today
remember take a look at the forehand week amazing the link is in the description
thank you for watching once again and I’ll see you in the next one thank you

2 thoughts on “Tennis Forehand: Professional Forehand Training – 5 Drills | Connecting Tennis

  1. Gaston, another cool video. Thanks. I realize that you have a game that's more suited for faster surfaces. Your forehand is very aggressive and has very little net clearance. I like said before my forehand is similar but I like to play on hard courts. I will hit a heavy topspin forehand sometime during most points however. Also, thanks for the inside-out drill. My problem with the inside-out is more when the ball is sitting higher around shoulder height and I want to pound it down hard and flat. For some reason, when I use the modern forehand with very little low to high, I always end up hitting with too much topspin because I put more angle on the racket at contact to push more to the right. I was thinking that I should use a circular swing path like the WTA stroke and drive it completely horizontal.

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