Tennis Coaching – Meet Louis Cayer

Jamie: I mean I first met Louis in 2006 I think and I was looking like I was going to focus more on doubles in my career and that was going to be my opportunity to you know have a good career in tennis, or at least play at the top of the game. My mum kind of came across you in Monte Carlo I think actually think she
was there with Andy, by chance she saw you working with the Israeli guys and for her it was like a huge eye-opener about how you could train
doubles and you know really like look at that as a career option and yeah then we
kind of we did some stuff in the grass season. I mean we were
ranked about 150 at the time, me and Colin when we were playing together and
then I guess like did a bit of work the rest of the year but
then what was lucky for me because couldn’t really afford you on a personal basis, but then you obviously moved to the UK and started working at the LTA and then we started to work together a lot more didn’t we? You
were traveling a bit, was working at home as well and then kind of stopped
working together for two, three years, longer than I thought it was actually. Then I guess in 2013 was
when we came to you, me and Ale, and was like can you help us here, we need you on board, kind of steady the ship, because things sort
of weren’t really going that well but I was kind of excited about playing with
John Peers because I thought he had a lot of potential and we could do some really good things as a team and then
since then we’ve been working together non-stop haven’t we like the
last six years and along with Al and it’s been a really good team, amazing moments haven’t we together? Louis: Exactly I remember when we started also because a lot of players want success
right away and I remember telling you and Peers it going to take three years before you can get to the O2 and get to the top and on
the third year you made the O2 together It takes long to develop because you
have to master your own game style, doubles is quite tricky, people underestimate how difficult it is, you have one player you we have to
master your game style, your patterns, your shot, you had Peers, now it’s Bruno
Soares, who has to master his own game style, but the team needs its own game
style too, so it’s like coaching three people, I coach you, I coach Bruno and I
coach a team. And when I scout, I scout the deuce side guy, has got the Ad side guy and
the team, how they combine together, how they set up each other, so the team
patterns and individual team, so it takes quite a long time to develop a really
dominate doubles team, master all that and learn to play against different game
styles, so now people serve and stay back, both back, serve and volley, some do I-formation, some play normal, some lob, some don’t, so to have also the response to every type of opponent in front it takes also a lot of time and you know my saying it
takes a long time to master things and now I think you’ve reached a level where
you master many things and you still have some that you need to keep working
hard to master.

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  1. Hey Jamie Murray Big Fan keep up the great work! If your taking request for tennis tip videos could you do one about the slice serve please and thank you?

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