Soldiers conduct training camp for high school football team

So today was one of our operation
Buckeye guard conditioning boot camps so we reached out to some of the local
coaches in the area and figure out which ones are willing to have us come out and
kind of put their guys through the ringer and see what they’re made of. So
we try to stay away from actual football drills as much as possible let the
coaches do the coaching when it comes to that. So we’re more for conditioning
get their heart rate going. So it’s intensity interval training. So anything
from running suicide sprints to doing circuit training up at the corners and
drills like that. It’s just a great opportunity for us and our staff to just
watch our kids and how they react to other people given instruction and
directions it’s a physical workout it’s a good day for us and we love to have it
just before we start camp here for two-a days to see where we’re at you know are
we a team that’s kind of together or we a team that’s willing to get out of that
comfort zone and work pretty hard so we got some questions answered today and
now we’re excited to get our season going. We needed something like this so
that we can find where we’re at pick our find where our standard is and improve on top
of that so I think today went really good and hopefully we’ll improve on that
coming two days. The biggest thing they like is the motivation being able to
work together as a team and keeping everybody together so we don’t let
somebody fall behind just picking people up always being
there always being loud intense just getting people through stuff because
like during games it’ll get tough it will get tired but I feel like your
teammate that’s beside you I’ll pick you up then you can do it just seeing what
happened like all the excitement all the energy all the intensity happening was
really fun. I think just that pride that willingness to go the extra mile for
somebody that might not be their best friend but they come from that same town
or that same school so being able to have that camaraderie and that rapport
built. And then I see it when I come through the hallways here at schools as
well is the whole point of it is for me to build that rapport and that face time
with them and have that connection with our community so it’s letting me have a
different outlet with them where they don’t see me as more than just that guy
in the uniform

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