SOCCER MANAGER 2020 | Обзор, Установка

I welcome you pesers and not pesers
who get to this video with you walrus and my not very often heading heavenly
I know that you also love football games the most diverse and now many
playing sokker manager 2019 and I want to show you the sokker manager
2020 yes he has not come out now is coming closed beta test but any closed
beta test can be reached if you know how I in fact, I know about this and will tell you
here you see it on the screen run it all things on the emulator are more convenient for me
it’s more convenient for me to shoot my hair therefore, the phone also becomes without
special problems in 2019 manager I’m wrong played a lot unfortunately by the way yes
I’ll say right away there is no Russian language only english so i hope
you can figure it out not so difficult here
intuitively everything is clear therefore problems i I think it will not be so manager in 90
I played not so much but some conclusions what has changed from one to
I can do the second means the first thing that meets us here
you can choose five countries they are 4 as in 19 parts in 90 parts were four but in my opinion
at the very beginning there was a total of 3 here you can choose 5 which is already cool
Of course there is the main five is England Spain Italy Germany and France have
holland portugal russian league Scottish League Turkey Greece Belgium
Switzerland Austria Ukraine romania and croatia poland czech republic
serbia denmark is denmark sweden norway usa
Mexico Brazil Argentina Colombia Chile uruguay china japan career austria and
egypt well actually choice magnificent let’s take
England Spain and let Italy and take Russia and Ukraine to
look at teams by icons because that basically look me of course
Russians and Ukrainians do not be offended Belarus
Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Georgians, etc. other other
I know that you look at me too, but to unfortunately your countries are not here I would
also took a look go further means england everything
logos have all the compositions for this moment transfers are staffed then
there is everything right everything is done very it is presented in a very high quality with us
Premier League Championship here you too see with
badges all wonderful first league all perfectly
second league too everything is national league and premier league we
returned that is the premier championship 1 2 and the national league is quite enough at
spain la league and the second league, in principle, only 2 further
Italy series a series b also presented everything is very nice only
some logos are here on white squares i think for a fan
some club there livorno for example it will not be a big problem for the Russians
then here we have ahmad arsenal cska Dynamo Moscow Krasnodar in Burg Sochi
tambov ufa You can play in Sochi from your
beloved swamp Rostov wings tips locomotive ruby
spartak ural and St. Petersburg I do not know now on
all summer teams of the Russian Premier League but I think I think everything should be
in the second league, as you can see in Russia no in Ukraine no also in the second league
here are the gums of dynamo lions mariupol alexandria lions carpathians
ear Kovalevka Olympic Donetsk one about one
Vorskla miner and charge on Lugansk such a set, let’s not know
let’s take somebody neutral whom everyone loves inter here
I want to take inter we take it controlled writes at 80,000 with us
immediately accessible stadium and it’s cool by the way with the rites here a little bit too
changed the system you see everything on English, these messages are deleted in
In principle, nothing interesting, see the last part was as it was
resource like coins blue because of them you pumped up the skills of his coach
there on the training ground juniors and everything else is where
done a little bit different here it everything is pumped for money that is
you need to build a building to pump these training you build it for money
the only thing you can do for coins that are gold here
speed it up but basically you can just click start construction and
another some time here on friday 16 August but before being built that is absolutely
removed this option for sydney coins which is now on
hacked i know immediately pump myself fully training everything you can
is it a game breaks or not i don’t know i don’t I tried it as a manager
play on those resources that are so let’s move on to the team the team looks like this
it looks so very good there is a large set of schemes each i think
will choose naturally there are practical directions
wide play narrow play attack mentality defending mentality
at what pace play fast slow ok and style the posada style
creativity okay at risk or disciplined as well
naturally and under attack but under style defense style
how to place the line of defense deep shallow shorter to us and all this ourselves
you know really sokker manager are you
probably one of the best manager what time is it on mobile phones
but the role means there are a large number players and what I liked about them
you can see almost everything yourself even twenty year old martinez
real face all things like training such as were in the 19th part is not here
there is no need to set when what to train and how to train it all
going on automatically you’re on it does not pay attention that is, they
train yourself and raise the level yourself transfer market transfer market well
of course in the manager as micro me like all of you, I think I’m interested
young players well let’s put on 15 up to 20 years
let’s say though reach 22 to 22 this perhaps still young young players I
I remember my age and if honestly and such 22
frets and how old and how old i am so no transfer status not you one price
here is the price Well, let’s say that they cost a minimum
15 million 16 let it be let’s let’s see who is here means the most
dear young player this is in our pope of course the 27-year-old is worth 157 million
this is its market price i.e. the transport price there will be over 200 a
maybe more hell knows By the way, it’s also very convenient
one two three 4 5 six 7 squares of stats shown as if his diagram by the way ps
used hexagon if you you know gabriel jesus 22 years 98
millions rating in 88th dad how many was 92 92 in
20 years old boys, but it’s just 21 year Rashford rating 86 del them already there
converted to juventus 85 rating 87 million worth alex arnold 85
rating here is something he has no picture like so very very strange yes yong
who crossed Barcelona also for some reason without pictures maybe it’s just well
some beta version tanks I think they have there should be photos here
appear to crush and sinks here you can immediately see his playing style
age leg height weight by the way stats you can see and in this way
there is a more detailed look at how much he played matches for the club and stuff
stuff stuff good stuff here players really players are very
a lot of sancho that many were looking for vps here is a 19 year old for 71 million for 72 almost
rated jovic from real Madrid 83 for almost 70 million and so on
let’s scroll now let’s get to match will show what the match looks like in this
the whole thing well and we will tell how to download want account
telling everything there is as simple as possible here we got a way out for the match let’s
agree no matter what my tactics is a friendly match
By the way, here you can skip a match don’t just play at maximum
speed but also skip like this the game looks of course I understand it looks
quite scary but the manager is not that game that should look good
she must be tactically correct and it should be such a maximum
football berry you are one shorter you can you can watch the match in this version
of course switch to 2d mode all look in 2d let’s say look only
key points and maximize speed in the match you see statistics
of course the results of other matches that go along with you with your
in principle, games that should be well statistics on players for each
stamina what is it at the moment and what grade does he play approximately
In principle, a new vision is not so straightforward so much but really super
the manager is that game that smokes his little ones quietly
shoals and everything is getting better and better and better and better and she took
really here by the way I have here scored but you can see you can repeat
look in 3d come back let’s let’s see the re inter scoring form
of course levakova and sokker manager written on a t-shirt and faces like you
do you understand any goblins gremlins but again I repeat for
manager it doesn’t matter how to install what to do in the description in the description I
I attach two links to google disc and two links to mega there apk file
you download it and just install more to do anything
no cache needed no download quietly installed
and started playing, I hope you have everything I hope you get a video
useful with you was a march of heaven to new meetings berry bye bye

49 thoughts on “SOCCER MANAGER 2020 | Обзор, Установка

  1. Плохо что нету таблицы коэффициентов как в football manager 19

  2. у меня у одного проблема с продлением контракта (там зарплату нельзя подходящую написать, а только с лимитом)

  3. Я играл в 19 менеджер, хорошая игра, но очень сильно жрёт батарею и греет проц, как будто ты 2 часа подряд в pes задротишь

  4. Перешёл с PES 19 на этого менеджера ))чето совсем упало желание возиться с этими мячами черный и ещё и в следующем части по сути вобще смысл в игре отпадает
    Кто нибудь знает есть тут молодежные составы ?

  5. Игра не очень каждую неделю начали брать деньги на зарплату игракгв играл за Ливерпуль забирали по 6.5 лямов при бюджете 101 миллион деньги уходят , за месяц 30 лямов ушло

  6. Игра будет не очень бюджет весь уходит на зарплату игроков каждую неделю забирают из бюджета так что не очень игра придется тратить реальные бабки

  7. Зачем ихрать, когда можно играть? (У тебя украино-молдованский, или же латышский акцент)

  8. Как возглавить другой клуб??Я отправляю заявку из вакансий,а мне приходит сообщение что председатель этого клуба рад предложить мне работу.И ВСЁ.А куда нажать,чтобы перейти в этот клуб ??Помогите пж

  9. Скажите пожалуйста что с деньгами? Тут в первое окно покупаешь игроков, а дальше ты в минусе и остаешься без денег. Как зарабатывать деньги и подписывать игроков?

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