Smitty Vowed To Stream Live Until A Solo Win…Did He Get It??? (FULL GAME)

game set match Smitty this is it is the one Smitty Smitty and I need see me Smitty City landing America Oy you see that flag behind me yeah that's right you didn't nobody saw it I saw that's why it has purpose better win with that shot II believe it look at this going right through the door let's go glider me bulk Uzis oh yes fridge what do you got here any ramen no you don't you're useless useless fridge she's fine it's absolutely fine it's better fine get out of my building no no no I love this is it by the way gee or something I heard a little Cucamonga zip this is it this is definitely you know she's disagree we're going for high ground I'm looting and we're going for a hike down why because that's exactly exactly what cost Cheryl need not Jerell me that's exactly what cost not pick it but some other general at Gettysburg his stance no he'd lost his job because he's gonna foul Robert Lee Pickett wasn't his fault somebody lost their high ground to the Union at Gettysburg and it was an issue Robert II really did not spank that deck I think that was a direct look I do not spank that deck Robert Lee Jesus Christ buddy run for the hills a lot of grab-ass going on this platoon if I see another misfire like that you're gonna be strung up sense of gallows all right got the air strike back things are looking up things are indeed looking up oh yeah I hear you I hear you little stream sniper will shits kebab see I like this you don't like it you only get all dear yeah cuz I see you I see a second and I see you fucking anybody else else carry a little hamster ball try to fight the fire yeah this is it this is the one little gold combat shotgun no I ride we got me here I pump you chump if you thank you please so I compliment from you or they don't know where the airstrikes coming I love the smell of napalm in the morning smells like victory you don't movie that from this place watch your mouth doing that that maybe with Jack Nicholson you are so far incorrect wat One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest a few good men someone no it's very movie you're 20 years too late Apocalypse Now Martin Sheen Harrison Ford Francis Ford Coppola read a book one time please like I don't see you don't think I don't see you know where you going yeah you little cantaloupe here and there let's see what happens it's no fruit no fruit over but I buy you you know it I know it like it this trees in this way I'll take both yeah that's right you stay sound like tip behind coming give me a head shot good thing you're not me oh and the thing just got sniped what was that yeah I see you boom shank battle tanks come on give me a window give me a window it's on you give me a window give me a window thank you swaggy 4fp you're not Nick Young you can't swaggy maipi if anything I swag you drag your face across my nuts cancel that we'll go back and edit that out maybe not I was kill number four that was swaggy my pee dough jiggy let's do this close very close very close to hardcore Americanism I know this was really and I am the weather shark tank slowly slowly don't jump walk down Jesus Christ Swift feet barrel roll one time use your training it's not okay wonder why cuz we got we got muffin tops all over the place get in I'll talk any blasphemy barb she does what she needs to do I don't know why I think we're I think we're kind of hey here everyone is coming from the wickets we're just living the dream what's going on over there it's minor in business they probably just fine I would like a barber though I don't like the elevation here oh yeah I mean don't you guys how good I am at snipe I'm the king of the snipe where you going lady yeah you're not going anywhere no where are you going yeah you're not going anywhere come on yeah destroy that three two one time got her what a great shot Smitty anyone else want to turn in the barbarian another major it's okay okay no that's exactly what we're doing don't build up man come on what are you doing build up build up what are you doing built straight get up you fucking cock block it yourself don't screen your own goalie get up all right say no Jesus Christ every problem there's a solution so we're doing right now show you a backwards ramp all right good go forward not backwards what are you doing man ghetto fuck that catgirl takes us out out of all freaking people why was he going forward why couldn't you just build straight how many hours its shop class do we need for them just to build fucking straight up it's not funny thing isn't this isn't fake people speak during the top five I just wanted to go up into the air Queen and you know when we blown out like Barbara Walters in her prime that's all I needed you

47 thoughts on “Smitty Vowed To Stream Live Until A Solo Win…Did He Get It??? (FULL GAME)

  1. Plz just take the combat shotguns they are better than the tactic (for me) and you make me cringe when you didn’t took the golden one

  2. When he was building sideways staircases and not knowing what was going on, I genuinely felt like he was just messing around

  3. My lobbies are the complete opposite of his. Shoot a player once with a grey pistol and they build a 5 star hotel with free internet within 5 seconds. It won't matter if you hit them or miss them. Hit them, they build. Miss them, they build.
    My record is 8 kill duo (I came 2nd I died because my builds got shot down.
    I won a solo in season 9 with 7 kills and I won a solo with 7 kills way back in season 7
    For those wondering what servers I play on, it is PC on Oceania.
    I rarely get bot lobbies and if I had smitty's lobbies I could get 10 or more kills easily (I have very accurate aim but I don't use a sniper rifle much as they have slow bullets that people can dodge easily (I call it mind controlling my bullets)
    My load out is: pump shotgun, revolver, m1 Garand (infantry rifle)
    (The epic and legendary infantry rifle is the mk12 and the green and blue is an M1 Garand)
    I fire a pump shotgun then quickly shoot a revolver at close range so the shots are faster

  4. why do you talk like an 80s cop show. you say "look at the goonads on him". or "Right in the gouchie".or "shanky the tank"

  5. Smitty 1v1 me plz stop fakin im a pc player u prob crank 90's so lets flame my epic is, YasFortnite or just type Hazeygurl74..

  6. I like that Smitty never gives up but if he wants to get better he needs to make changes like sensitivity, practice in creative, swap and arrange his guns etc. He’s never gonna get better unless he makes the changes and the effort to.He’s also gotta stop camping. Until these improvements are made smitty will rarely ever win or get better.

  7. I have never played this game before and after watching this performance I am confident in saying that I would kill you. No argument that you are the worst player in the history of this game.

  8. It really isn't an accomplishment to win in Fortnite considering the game is dying, but, I only watch smitty because of his will, and funny reactions. He is a true streamer.

  9. I loved this dude.. Even he is bad… But he is improving now! He never gives up and thats the important thing!!

  10. Guys he has skins.he had that glider on and it was part of the season 5 battle pass.its on the gold ye

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