63 thoughts on “Simple Fix for Neck Hump with Towel & Tennis Ball (Dowager’s Hump)

  1. Very helpful for women who are more, um, heavily endowed. My poor grandmother!! Thanks for sharing this easy method.

  2. Mine is bad enough that when I lay on the floor in my back my head doesn't touch the floor, will this be a good start to help that severe of an issue?

  3. Bob and Brad , will this help with a herniated T11 – T12 ? If not , can you post a video for herniation, bulge at these levels ? Thx guys , keep up the good work informing .

  4. What about creating a peanut with two socks and two tennis balls. That allows you to roll up and down the outer spine while avoiding putting pressure on the spine.

  5. This was an interesting video but I confess I'm confused. I thought dowager's hump was when people get that really bent over posture and I was under the impression that once you got dowager's hump, it wasn't correctable. If it IS correctable, I am utterly astonished at the # of people I see with this problem and wonder if there isn't a lot of misinformation out there about it. Anybody have thoughts on that?

  6. Will you guys show some videos related on Tapping… difference between kinesio tapping nd rigid tapping… and indications and contradictions..

  7. Thank you. Your videos always have information I can use. I am heavy chested and my shoulders are starting to round. Even when I try to sit or stand up straight my chin is raised.

  8. My PT told me to put two tennisballs in a sock and knot them tight together. That way you can do it both sides of the spine at the same Time.

  9. seems tennis balls will be my next investment haha very useful for all sorts of massages, definitely need to try this for my neck, i have horrible computer posture
    edit: do you find it also good to loosen the chest muscles in the front too? i believe they're the pecs. I've heard that tightness in that area also effects how much you can stretch back, and would the tennis ball be too harsh for those areas?

  10. Very useful idea. I hope it works i am definitely going to try this exercise. It sounds like something that shoulbe done everyday. Is that correct?


    That's actually an extremely good and intuitive model for the stresses resulting from forward head posture. It should be shown to all children and would stay with them I feel.


  12. Love your videos and thank you for them. They have helped me in my own practice . Do you have to limit it to 1 tennis ball or could you go ahead and lay down on several tennis balls at once?

  13. Why don't you take two balls in a sock, fix them there by a knot and go rolling up and down the spine instead of replacing the ball from one side to the other? And there will be some space for the spine between the balls.

  14. Took me years of correcting my posture and lots of chin tucks to get rid of the neck hump I had from carrying heavy backpacks all through school.

  15. Oh man. I have this issue. Forward head posture from poor posture when using my laptop. My "hump" gets super tight and I get major headaches bc of it. There's definitely some fat and muscle fibers over it. It's not huge but it's definitely noticeable.

  16. Hey guys this is great, but what if the person can’t get down on the floor? My dad is in his 80s and would not be able to get up. I would try it against the wall, but he’s bent over too far. Would it be effective if we put a board on his bed, then the ball?

  17. You guys are amazing: informative videos, hilarious video production style. So many of your vids have cured physical issues.

  18. I’ve tried everything and every variation ranging from tennis balls, stretching, neck braces, abdominal braces, etc…for over a year and yet that hump remains much to my aching chagrin 😡

  19. I fixed my nerd neck recently but the consequence of my nerd neck is a lump on the back of my head. Genetically, it's supposed to be the opposite, but I did get a bigger head from having incorrect posture. Is there any way to reverse/ fix that?

  20. I fixed my nerd neck recently but the consequence of my nerd neck is a lump on the back of my head. Genetically, it's supposed to be the opposite, but I did get a bigger head from having incorrect posture. Is there any way to reverse/ fix that?

  21. How often would you recommend these exercises and guesstimate how long will it take to begin to see an improvement in a Dowagers Hump please 🇬🇧🙏?

  22. 54 y/o man here. My "hump" is not a fatty hump, it's bony; It's my vertebra (C6? C7?) sticking way out. Will these stretches help to re-shape my vertebrae into more natural curve?

  23. I disagree using two tennis balls taped together 1 keeps it level and you can roll and also keep it on the sore muscle to release the knots. That’s why I don’t recommend these guys look up Doctor Mandel he has exercise that work instantly I promise you my life you won’t find a better doctor he’s not just a chiropractor he’s got 4 more doctrine degrees. Just google him and you’re welcome

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