Sh*tting with Heavy [GMOD TENNIS] Pt. 1

*Gonorrhea of some kind* *Knocks while looking at the audience* *Source physics* *The lord and savior of gonorrhea victims makes an appearance…* KHEELP! (Help) OH BABY JEEBUS A SHITS’KRIEG He’s seen some shit today. #scarred4life A toilet. What magnificent contraption…. “Holey shit, what a f*cking disappointment.” incoming… “AAAAAAAAAAH, Блядь!! (Aaaah, f*ck) This is what he gets for eating TacoBell rather than his trusty ‘ol sandvich. “SHET” *DUN* Yes, that’s a septic tank. btw, where’s all the shitstain? “HO F*CK” *poof* “OOOoooOOOh, SHIT!” It’s always when you have diarrhea that the tissue roll’s far away from you. Worst. F*cking. Nightmare. Cactus – don’t get cocky m8 *SUBALUWA* *pigeon flies in* “Better hide my cock from this cock before it gets all cocky on my… cock.” *GET COCKED* “Imma beat his zhopa once I get there…” Jeebus how did simply crapping escalate to this… “Imma distract him with a bucket, then shoot him with my god-like fingers” “HUOH!” *ricochet* “Tah….?” “EXPLOSIVE SHIT!” Out to the second window you go! “Way to go, a-hole!” The ‘ol fried poultry joke. He’s had enough. Tough shit, car owner! “My God…” Totally an original scene. Kitty would be proud. “BETCH!” “You drive like my f*cking grandma, d’you know that?” Btw, did anyone realize that Heavy didn’t wash his zhopa? Also, f*ck Keemstar. Oh jeebus that face will haunt my soul JUMPSCARE kidding.

100 thoughts on “Sh*tting with Heavy [GMOD TENNIS] Pt. 1

  1. This video aged poorly. I thought it has some nice slapstick but I apologize on behalf of the community for trying so hard back in the days. HA

  2. Me: Trying to find content on Youtube.
    Youtube: You want to shit with heavy don't you?
    Me: I guess not.
    Youtube: Pootis video in my recomendation
    Me: But i told you i don't wan-
    My brain: Watch it!
    Me: Why?
    My brain: You gotta watch it!!!
    Me: OK watches the video
    Me after i watched it: Thanks Youtube i got laughter xDDD

  3. (plays nuclear sirens) WARNING! This vid will make you laugh so hard you'll shit your pants. Watching this on or near a toilet is recommended.


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