Shenandoah University Athletics and Event Center

this new athletics and event center is going to be transformational to Shenandoah University it’s going to impact our recruiting our retention of students the success of our students and most specifically our student-athletes our priorities from a design standpoint and a university standpoint one was to allow as many student-athletes an opportunity to use this facility as possible number two was to enhance the student-athlete experience number three was to impact the campus and community and number four was to take the advantage of the views from I 81 which is about 60,000 views so as people drive by every day they know where shenandoah university is we have 21 varsity sports for the approximately 450 student-athletes but awful lot of students who currently play high school when they come to school they want to major in nursing or go into another field but they still want to continue the athletic career now that we’ve worked for years and we’re a member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference which one the top division three conferences in the nation we deserve to give our student athletes and coaches better opportunity to perform this facility is going to accommodate all 21 sports here basketball or volleyball as well as track can practice at the same time football can new walkthroughs on tomorrow’s game so this facility isn’t just going to be an indoor track I’m really excited for all the teams to be in one place I know some people there’s the armory if it’s there’s an outdoor sport and it’s raining or we’ll have to split time with basketball it’ll be really exciting to see everything going on at once it’s recruiting it’s that first impression for a recruit it’s a reason to get them to come visit and see everything else that Shenandoah has to offer it changes the scope of the way a game is it changes the way we can practice it is going to be a great big giant building that is brick facade and it’ll have a nice formal entry way carrying the Jeffersonian and architecture features from the rest of campus it will have the copper dome as you walk in so it’s kind of a signature men’s and women’s basketball volleyball men’s and women’s track and field they will finally have year-round locker rooms where they’ll be able to settle and really feel part of the athletic program then you’ll walk into this beautiful sixty three thousand square foot field house it will have a six-lane 200-meter competition indoor track that of eight sprint lanes they’ll be sand pits pole vault boxes so we’ll be able to take advantage of all the different events that are held in indoor track and field as well as drop-down throwing cages or the weight throw shot put etc a regulation volleyball court with a ceiling that meets NCAA regulations just picture this great big giant track and on the infield there’s a wood inlay for your competition court for volleyball and basketball there’ll also be an opportunity to set up at least two to three volleyball courts for practices for exhibitions the the community will get more involved with athletics based on a couple of factors I think number one there’s going to be the curiosity to see the new facility and then number two you know once they get here it could be something that keeps them coming for years to come one half of our freshman enrollment now plays at least one or more varsity sports so it becomes a big recruiting tool if we can compete at all for these students who are looking where they’re going to school both good academics and good athletics we think we can get a better quality student it will definitely create a stronger sense of pride for the school and more people are gonna come to the games and be willing to come see it and check it out I think having our own home space is going to make a huge difference because when we finally get to be at our own place and have our own fans here I already get so excited just playing here just having the SU logo on my shirt and just the first game at a new facility that’s mine for the next two years it will be amazing I’ll be excited we’re going to have so much more support from the student body and from the community and from the faculty and staff and you know it’s just it’s a super exciting experience then picture having a major event whether it’s a speaker whether it’s our commencement or opening convocation a community event whatever might be with apple blossom the Chamber of Commerce etc putting a stage up near a glass wall and then see 5,000 families for commencement ceremony in day conditioned space just breathtaking we will be probably one of the largest facilities within a 70 mile radius of Winchester this is the kind of gift that impacts broadly across the entire northern valley this is the kind of impact that includes everyone it includes college students but it has an impact on elementary school students it includes people who work in athletics those who enjoy watching athletics it includes those who want to come and hear a major speaker or concert but up to now we have had no place to house such major events this will be good for the city and the county it will be good for all the schools and local sports teams this is a building of which we can all be proud shenandoah university the Hornets are 21 sports and truly we are one team the Shenandoah Hornets – we are truly truly truly truly one team one team but we are truly one team Shenandoah University 21 sports truly one team 4,000 students one community one building to unite us all

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