Safeguarding young people in Newham through basketball | Newham All-Star Sports Academy

Nassa uses basketball as a hook to get to young people and we deliver the basketball session across East London. The majority of our young people are underprivileged children or single-parent families. I would say the charity started with just two young people playing basketball in the park. and now we reach out with ‘carry a basketball, not a blade’ campaign to three thousand young people per year. Our school programmes reaching out to one thousand young people per week. We play a huge role, locally, tackling knife crime and that’s how our ‘carry a basketball, not a blade’ project came to life. One of our player’s friends got stabbed to death and died in his arms. When I was carrying a knife it was before my friend died, so I was just thinking “but why? What was the reason I needed to carry it for?” and then I said to Natasha We got to do something better, if my friend was with me playing basketball it wouldn’t have happened We were able to sit down and create
‘carry a basketball, not a blade’. We want to make great basketball players but we also want to make great citizens. We use CAF Donate, which allows us to use to collect one-off donations or regular donations via our website

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