S. Korea’s avg. daily working hours down 13.5 minutes/day under 52-hour workweek

The South Korean government last year imposed
a 52-hour limit on the workweek for bigger companies, and data shows Koreans now work
13-and-a-half minutes less a day, or nearly 70 minutes less a week
That’s time they’re using for recreation. The labor ministry analysed phone and credit
card records and found that there was an evident drop in working hours in parts of the country
near the biggest companies. Average working hours fell the most in the
Gwanghwamun area of downtown Seoul at nearly 40 minutes a day, followed by the financial
district of Yeouido at 10 minutes. In contrast, Gasan Digital Complex, home to
many small companies, saw work hours rise by a little over half a minute. The data also showed more spending on recreation
compared to a year before. People spent 18 percent more on sports and
classes for self-development. Spending at bars or restaurants, where workers
are often pressured to gather after workhours, dropped one percent.

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