RIT Athletics 2018-19 Year in Review

[Epic Music] [Papa Roach – Born For Greatness] “Everything on that Jersey that’s what
we’re all about right here Tigers on three one, two, three TIGERS!” “Hamacher against De’Core, Hamacher SCORES!” “Lets go Tigers, T, I, G, E, R, S, TIGERS!” “Simone gives it to Garno, Simon Garno to the scoreeeeessss SIMON GARNO.” “Shot saved by Salls! RIT Tigers advance
to round number two of the division three NCAA soccer tournament!” [Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water] “It means everything we’ve been working so
hard this whole season and we set goals in beginning to like win
Liberty League and we haven’t done it in a really long time.” “From R-I-T DEMPSEY KINGGGGGG.” “I felt like this was the year we were
really excited about I feel like we got on a roll and we kind of built off that
momentum and the guys started to believe in themselves but so anytime something
like this happens for your program it’s special.” “Back to Valenzuela, Valenzuela far side Brubacher fed in front THERE IT IS ERIK BROWN.” “And with that the RIT Tigers are the
Liberty League champions.” “Barnable in stride, Barnable now down center, down low it goes Tandy on shot and a goal! Tandy does not miss from there.” “Barnable to the net
shot goal Barnable has given RIT the lead!” “Tandy with it, Isaac no angle under ten Isaac out front goal. The hat-trick for Cam Issac in the first quarter.” “With it goes inside shot and a goal. There is Shawn Nally senior captain, scores his first of the season.” “Gets it over to Fallone, Fallone rolls to her right straight in she comes. Got a shot away and scores!” “R-I-T, “R-I-T, “R-I-T, “R-I-T, “R-I-T, “R-I-T”

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