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Today were going to be taking a look at the
Rhino rack multi-purpose holder for Rhino Rack heavy duty aero and sports crossbars
part #: RMPH. This versatile multi-purpose holder mounts
directly to your Rhino Rack crossbars and holds many items such as a pair of skis, fishing
rods, kayak paddles or sail boat masts and will hold them safely and securely on the
roof rack of your vehicle. This multi-purpose rooftop carrier is constructed
of a durable glass reinforced nylon and the inside width of the carrier is about two and
a quarter inches. It includes two cradles and comes with a limited
lifetime warranty. Now that weve gone over some of the special
features and uses of the Rhino rack multi-purpose rooftop holder well go ahead and show you
how to install it. The kit comes with two mounting brackets.

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  1. Great vid, I have been looking for something to attach to my Rhino Racks to cary fishing rods! this has answered all my questions.

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