Real vs Fake Activewear – No Sweat: EP33

So a while back I was shopping online
for some new activewear and I came across these original Lululemon tights
that were going for super cheap and as you guys know I love Lululemon but they
can be pretty pricey like at least above S$120 so when I saw this listing, I was
thinking, “Confirm fake.” But this also got me really curious as to how these dupes
and fakes measure up to the real activewear so a couple weeks back I decided to
purchase 3 dupes from my favourite activewear brands and here is my review. So over here I have my real and my fake Lululemon tights. The fake one actually
looks really similar to the real Lululemon tights. In fact they even have
like the similar tags. The feel of it in terms of the cardboard is really
similar, it even has the same size but if you actually look really closely at the
text and read the fake one, you can see that it has a lot of these like grammar
and typo errors. For example it calls it “shape rerention”, and there’s
also the “four-way stretch”, the printing looks bad and “naked sensaton” so I think just like by reading it, you can kind of tell that this is like
fake but overall I’d say like in terms of the design and the tags, they look more
or less the same. Looking at it and if you asked me to judge which one is real
which one’s fake, I think a real telltale is the logo because on the real Lululemon
tights, you can see the logo doesn’t look stretched or look like it’s cracking but over
here this fake Lululemon tights is kind of patchy and this is only after like
one wash. I got this a couple weeks back and I’ve only used it once and you can really see
that it’s cracking and the edges of the circle aren’t even sharp. So in terms of the
fabric and just how it feels you can just tell that this is the real, buttery
soft Lululemon fabric that we all love and hold dear to our hearts, and this is just
like…no. Like when I picked it out of the wrapping and when I put it on, it feels like the other side of the sponge. The frictiony side. It actually feels like
really rough when I was putting it on and you just know, you know, if you’ve
actually felt like the normal Lululemon that this does not compare. Here is the
dupe that we found. My initial impressions is that
the fit is actually really snug, it’s actually very nice, just how I personally like
my tights to be fitted. You know, kind of high-waisted, not as high-waisted as the
usual Lululemon tights.I feel that the Lululemon tights run even a little bit
higher. This just sits nicely around my belly button. Fabric wise, it’s a lot
of thicker, it’s not cooling like the normal Lululemon tights. So I’m gonna
work out right now and then test it out and see if it can compare to the regular
tights and see like performance wise whether it’s a pretty good fit. When
I was actually working out, there wasn’t really much of a VPL for the fake tights
but it’s felt so hot like I couldn’t wait to just tear it off because it’s super
super uncomfortable and I felt like I was building this pool of warm
sweat. It was just like really unpleasant. For the original Lululemon ones, the sweat
management is just a lot better, it’s very cooling and it doesn’t stick to my
body like this one did. Even as far as like no brand tights okay like these were
objectively unpleasant to work out in. This was surprising to me because the
majority of people on the website that I bought this from gave this five stars so
I was really hoping for a lot better. I can only think of two reasons why people
give this a good review. First reason being that you have not tried like the
review once so you wouldn’t know how the fake ones
kind of compared to the real ones, that’s number one. and the second thing is
because I don’t know if people actually work out in these tights or how
intensely people work in these tights. If you kind of just want to wear this and
you know, lie around your house or like you know go and run some errands
and you just want to look fit and have some like athleisure and then show the
Lululemon, I think maybe it’s not too bad but if you’re actually using it for like
like I show utility and to actually function in the gym then I would say
it’s a no for me. In terms of the elasticity because this doesn’t really
have a very good elastic band so it doesn’t sit very nicely. I realized when
I was working out with it, it did fall quite a bit so I actually had to pull it
up and adjust whereas the real one really just
sucks everything in and of course I know you guys are
thinking the price difference is huge so yeah obviously you get what you pay for
but you know what, for $20 pair of tights I can think of a lot of other brands
that are not as luxurious as Lululemon that you can go for like mid-range,
things like Cotton On or even some tights from Taobao that I’ve tried are
a lot better than this. In summary, here is my score card for the real versus fake
Lululemons. These are Gymshark tights and as you can see it’s kind of like an
imitation, like they imitate the design but they don’t have the Gymshark logo.
This design is very distinctive to Gymshark where you have this mesh design, a
bit of this cut here and there to make the tights a lot more flattering and it’s
quite obvious that the fake Gymshark tights is trying to have that same shape.
In terms of the softness, I can’t really tell that much of a difference if I just
touch both of them but I will say that in terms of the thickness, you can
tell that this is a lot more premium than this one. This is just a lot more
thin and when I put it on for the first time, I was extra careful because I thought
I was going to tear it especially like with this mesh, you just don’t want it to
catch on to something or for my nails you know, to grip onto it and then
somehow tear it. So I think that was my main reservations when I first
purchased these tights. You gotta be a lot more mindful when you’re wearing I like
the color because you can see a VPL and because this is thin, I definitely caught a
VPL with this one and even though the fabric is thinner, it’s not necessarily a
bad thing because it still gives you that very cool and light and easy
sensation when you’re working out. So for the real one when I put it on you can
tell that’s pretty premium fabric, it’s thick enough so that I might not get
like a VPL and you know, you can just tell like from the way it’s manufactured
that you’re paying for like good workmanship. In terms of the stretch in
the elasticity, I would say that it’s pretty good but obviously it cannot
compare to the original one. Comparing the waistband, this one is just a lot longer than
this one, it’s a lot shorter. When I put them on, this one kind of sucks me in more than
this one. This one’s a lot looser especially around the core area. The
original Gymshark tights are, in my opinion, super flattering on your legs and your
body. For these tights I thought that it actually looked really flattering on the body
and it shaped my butt and my legs really nicely so actually no complaints when it
comes to the style and the fit. I would definitely repurchase this again. Here’s
my scorecard for the real versus fake Gymshark tights. Over here we have Lorna Janes. I have the real one and I also have the fake one. At the back of all the
Lorna Jane tights, they have the logo and you can see just like straight away
that this has a really bad print job. You can see the outlines of the Lorna Jane
printed on top. And even after I washed it, it didn’t really go away. For the
original ones, they don’t have that outline of any kind of borders and it’s
a lot smaller. And for Lorna Jane they usually print the logo at the bottom of
the tights. This very distinct three-leaf logo design that they have.
For the fake one, the print looks crumpled and it’s already cracking, it’s
only been one wash. For the real one there’s no cracking…you can just tell
the big difference in terms of the printing of the logo. You can definitely
tell that the original Lorna Jane tights is a lot smoother and buttery whereas
this one is not as smooth, if you are asking me to compare them, you know, head to head,
this definitely is a lot of better in terms of the material but this isn’t
terrible. I did try working out with them and they were pretty decent! I tried to
see if I could spot like a visible panty line with them and I couldn’t, so that’s
one good thing. In terms of sweat management, it didn’t make me feel like
light and cool anything but it didn’t cook up a sweat storm so it was okay.
I would say that this waistband kind of like cinched in and ate a bit into my
waist because it has this weird string. This string is the one that’s I guess
eating into my skin so it’s not as comfortable. After I washed it right
there was this string that came out so I really don’t know how it’s gonna hold up
after several more washes. I have no complaints about how it made me look so
I think like styling wise it’s okay. In summary I would not repurchase these
tights because I think just like the main selling point of Lorna Jane is just the fact
that their outfits are a lot more trendy. They will have mesh in their
designs, crazy colors, nice prints, but in terms of dupes online, you
can only get the block colors so if I were to pay $27 for a pair
of black tights, I just know that I can get better quality options elsewhere.
Here’s my scorecard for the real versus fake Lorna Janes. My overall thoughts on
fake activewear is that it’s just kind of uncool to rip off someone else’s
design or someone’s logo and put it on your own.
it’s quite a big difference when you say that your clothes are like inspired by a
certain brand or by a certain design but if you are passing it off as the brand
itself and ripping it off wholesale then I think that that’s not very nice.
For example the Gymshark tights, they didn’t really print the Gymshark on top
of the tights. They’re just tights that kind of look like
Gymshark but I’m really because of the reason that there’s no like branding or
anything like that it puts my mind at ease when I’m purchasing this. I think
that in general you get what you pay for. When you’re buying a dupe, you kind of
know that the quality might be a bit of a hit and miss. So when you’re actually
buying it from like the real store and from the real bread itself, there’s
research and development that goes behind these products and you’re also
paying I guess a bit more for like the brand name which, if it’s something that you
value then it’s something that you’re paying for. So we’ve come to the end of
today’s episode, let me know in the comments down below if there’s anything
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18 thoughts on “Real vs Fake Activewear – No Sweat: EP33

  1. I’ve always purchased affordable workout bottoms but ever since I decided to workout more often, I decided to splurge on Gymshark. I love it! It’s Super stretchy?! And flattering. Makes me feel extra confident when I workout!

  2. This episode is great although it would be better if she didn’t know which one was which at the start. So like there’s less psychological judgements on the fakes

  3. Could’ve used better dupes for comparison, Nepoagym on Aliexpress/Moving Peach on Qoo10/Empoweractivewear on Carousell actually sell very good, high quality dupes for both the Gymshark and Lululemon leggings without logos.

    Of course the lululemon dupes aren’t exact, but the gymshark ones are very very close to the original.

  4. this was really informational! i love my lululemon tights and i’ve always been curious about gym shark and other high end brands. could you possibly do a video comparing them and which ones you’d use for specific workouts? thanks!

  5. This was an interesting video to watch! I'd like to see how the more affordable brands hold out in your opinion like another comment mentioned e.g. moving peach on qoo10, decathlon leggings. Maybe sports bras next?

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