PRESNEL KIMPEMBE / THOMAS MEUNIER | Joue-La Comme ⚽ | Team Orange Football

Hi everyone. So, Thomas, the goal is to take part in “Joue la comme” you’ll try to guess the players or the things I’m miming. Are you ready?
– Yeah, I hope you are too. Don’t look, don’t cheat. It’s all good, brother. Don’t even need it. Yeah, that’s good
– Easy. Well done. I was scared, I thought you wouldn’t guess. No, that one is good. I haven’t seen him in a while. I hope you know. Well, try, and we’ll see. Well done, the grass trimmer, that’s good. I want a shoot a bit, do the keeper. Well done, you’re on a good streak here. You’re the keeper again? You’re ready, all ready? The goal should come from here, but we’ll make it work the other way around. Against?
– That fucker, I don’t know. Keeper again?
– Go ahead. He scored a goal. Of course brother. It’s Paris only here. You don’t see? He scored a goal and did like this. He goes in front of the keeper like this, goes there like this. Afterwards, he runs like this. Goes around the goal, in front of the stands. He invented this way of celebrating goals. When you run like this. Nobody did this. Oh Pauleta?
– Yeah bro. He invented this?
– That’s classic. I didn’t know. Bro, I did what I had to do, I showed you the goal. Get up. Spread your legs. He’s the specialist. You want to bully me, live. He’s a specialist, he goes like, hop. It goes easy. You turn around. He’s not playing with us anymore. That’s all I’m gonna say, you’re on your own.
– He’s not at the club anymore and used to dribble like this. Opens, pretends to shoot, passes. A bit nonchalant. Yeah!
– Well done. The nonchalant part got me. I like this. Cross from the left, the ball arrives like this. Are you ready bro? Cross from the left, volley and you tell me it’s easy. I’m in a small space bro, I can’t express myself. Was it an acrobatic one? No, just a beautiful volley like this. He didn’t move, and then turned around. Because he celebrates like shit! That’s me. Well done! I’d like to thank Presnel for his 5 stars performance. very productive, and you can see he’s good at acting. Thank you, thank you.
– I hope you’re ready. That’s good, well done. You scare me with your eyes like this. In reality, he does so much stuff that I don’t know which one to do. Let’s do it like this, then. Midfielder. Ney?
– Well done. I recognized the special, when he wants his opponent to get a yellow card. We’re good. He gets the ball. A guy runs behind him. Your example is a bit odd, do it with the right foot, don’t worry. I can’t do it with my right foot, because he doesn’t have one. Free kick. He’s like. No! You did the… Yeah he knows he’s good, but not on a Ibra way. He played in England and then for PSG, they are not 1000. Beckham. Yeah well done! Yeah but I didn’t even play with him! You played with him?
– I didn’t play with him what are you telling me! He’s a liar!
– I don’t know, you trained with him didn’t you? Training and playing is not the same.
– What do you want? I trained twice with him. Edi
– Okay thank you! I’m so fast, it’s over already. Well congrats. Very good prestation from Thomas and I. With a little advantage for me because… I was faster. But he mimed well and so did I. We’re gonna leave the mic to Toto. Very efficient, you can see he’s a proper Parisian titi. He knows the classics, knows the players. Struggled a bit on Beckham but well… Maybe I wasn’t very good at imitating him. But we’ve been very good, once again, for the rest. It’s gonna be hard for our concurrents.

11 thoughts on “PRESNEL KIMPEMBE / THOMAS MEUNIER | Joue-La Comme ⚽ | Team Orange Football

  1. Le moment ou meunier imite di maria en disant avec un mec qui passe derierre c'est toujours lui et il est jamais servi donc bien imité x')

  2. Eh ça me rend fou à chaque fois que je vois une vidéo de vous avec des joueurs de PSG c’est en février juste avant qu’on se fasse fumer nos grandes tantes en ldc

  3. cette chaîne me rappelle tant de mauvais souvenir, un fameux resto entre verrati draxler meunier et matudi ou ça spéculait sur le match retour contre le barca !!!

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