Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Victor’s Tennis Video and Bloopers | Episode 18 “Abrakadanger”

This just appeared in my office. Oh, Preston! This strange package came for you. Thank you. That is weird. Hey Prest! Hey! Guys, check it out. It’s from Princess Viera,
in the Lion Galaxy. How did it get here? Attention please. It’s been one year since
the school tennis contest, and in case you forgot, I was amazing. (upbeat music) (applause) My opponent on the other hand, wasn’t. (comedic music) I had a bad day. Ah, what a match. They say it was the worst
defeat in school history. So, who dares to face me this year? Fine then. I humbly accept this
year’s trophy, right now. I’ll play you again. You want that to happen again? This time, I’m prepared. Trust me. That won’t happen again. [Crowd] Whoa! This year’s tennis match
will be today, at lunchtime. See you on the court. See you on the court.

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