Pour It Out w/ Kendall Jenner

-Here’s how it works. Each shot sits on a coaster that has a personal question
written on it. Okay. You’ll read the question
silently, but you’ll give your
answer out loud. Then you’ll have to choose
whether to share what the question was,
or can you take the shot, and keep it a secret. However you must reveal at least
one question during the course
of the game. Tonight, America’s finally going
to get all the answers, just not all of the questions. You ready to play?
-Yes. -Alright, here you go. Kendall,
you go first with this one. -Starting here?
-Yeah, and under the coaster it should
tell you what the name of the shot is, as well. What is the shot? -Keeping up with
the Kar-Daiquiri. -Yeah, there you go right there. Gorgeous.
-Okay. -All right, so don’t read
the question out loud, but just give us an answer. -Um, oh, shoot. [ Laughter ] Scott. -Scott?
-Yeah. -As in the Scott.
-Like, Disick. -Whoa, that’s the answer. -That’s my answer. -Don’t you drink
that shot just yet. That question could be anything
but the answer’s Scott Disick? -I feel like I could say it. I’m not going to take the shot. -Oh, okay.
What is the question? -Which of your sister’s exes
do you like the most? -Oh, that’s nice to hear. Is it Scott?
-Scott, yeah. -Alright, good.
I agree with that. That’s good.
I will take that one. I wonder what mine’s
going to be. -So, I don’t have to take that? -You don’t. You’re good. -Yay.
[ Light laughter ] -Yeah, you’re good for the —
All right. This one is, okay, oh, okay. Um… ♪♪ Smaller than you think. -What?
[ Audience “oh”s ] -I mean shorter.
[ Drum roll ] Shorter.
-Whoa. -Shorter than you think.
Kind of — -The rumors are true.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, my God. No, no,
no, no, no, no. No! Me? Hey!
[ Laughter ] -I’m kidding.
-No, absolutely not. No, I’m definitely gonna read
the question on this one. And I’m going to
do the shot both. Oh, it says, what was your first
impression of Madonna? -Okay.
-She’s smaller. -She’s smaller than you think. -She’s tiny, she’s tiny
and perfect. -Okay, that’s not
what I expected. -Which would be my
answer to the other question if that —
[ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -You took it?
-Okay, what is the name of — I love this shot glass. -Victoria’s Other Secret
is the name. [ Laughter ] -Ooh, a shot glass lingerie.
Nice. -Okay. Um, to swallow. [ Laughter ] I’m not saying what the
question is, ’cause I could never. [ Laughter ]
-What?! Oh, my God. Wait, what’s going on?
Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, my goodness. -How does it taste? -It’s not bad.
-Yeah, yeah. Just — Okay.
-Little lingerie, it’s so cute. [ Light laughter ] -Okay. Uh. Okay. Um… Okay, Tracy Morgan. -What? [ Laughter ] -I want to know.
-No, no, no, no. -I want to know.
-Kirk, you hold that. That’s yeah, that’s —
no one can see that — -Give it!
[ Cymbal crash ] -Don’t give that
question to anyone. Don’t give that question
to anyone. No one can see it.
-Well then, can I throw mine away too?
-Tracy, you know what’s up. Tracy, Tracy Morgan.
Definitely, yeah. Without a doubt.
Without a doubt. Absolutely.
-I want to throw mine away. -No, okay. Yeah, I kind
of want to see yours. -No.
-Let me take a quick, just see if I can
see what it says. -Chrissy ate hers, huh? I want to eat —
I’ll eat mine later. -Alright, this is
the final round. We’re both going to answer
the same question for this one. Okay? And if we choose not to
reveal what the question was, we’ll have to down
the shots together. -Okay.
-Are you ready for this? -So, we’re in this together.
-Yeah. -Do you want to read it?
Then we’ll say it. -Yeah, the name of the shot
is the Banana Wintour. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] So good. Wait, I hate banana. -I know, we know that.
-I told you guys I hate banana. [ Laughter ]
I can’t drink — [ Cymbal crash ]
-Now you have to tell us. -No.
-Oh, we didn’t know that. I’m sorry. I meant to say,
we don’t know that. -That’s so unfair.
-We didn’t know that from having you on all the time.
[ Foghorn ] We thought you loved bananas.
-That’s so unfair. That’s just a lie.
-Actually, no. It actually looks like banana, but does not taste like banana.
We made sure. -Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
-Okay, let’s read the thing. Ooh. Okay. -Okay.
-Okay. Should I go first?
I have a — maybe. -I feel like I have
a really nice one. -Really?
-Yeah. -Me too.
[ Laughter ] Chris Evans and Brie Larson. -Okay.
-You like that? -Yeah, that’s a nice one,
actually. Actually I really like them —
-Yeah, they’re great, right? Yeah, that’s good.
-Um, I’m going to say Brad Pitt and Rihanna. -Really?
-Yeah. -Wow. Should we take the shot or
reveal the question? [ Crowd shouting ] No, they don’t care at all. [ Crowd shouting ] -Oh.
-Oh. They’re rewriting — they’re rewriting the game.
[ Applause ] -Cheers. ♪♪ -That’s not bad at all.
-That’s not bad. -The question was, name two
celebrities that you’d want to set up with each other. -Wouldn’t that be the most
gorgeous child? -Brad Pitt and Rihanna.
-Yeah. -I think Chris Evans
and Brie Larson. -Most gorgeous child.
-Captain and Captain. -I don’t think
that’s a bad idea. -And Marvel’s never had an on-screen couple, right?
Have they? -It’s not a bad idea. -Oh, it’s Scarlet Witch
and who? And Vision?
-Vision. -Yeah, but they dated
in real life? -Vision and the other one. -No, I’m talking about
dating in real life. [ Laughter ] I’m not talking about cosplay.
I’m talking about — [ Laughter ]
Chris Evans. Chris Evans and Brie —
[ Foghorn ] There you have it.
Kendall Jenner, everybody. Please give it up
for Kendall Jenner. [ Cheers and applause ]
You were a good sport. What is that one there? More with Kendall
after the break. Stick around, everybody.

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