Pokemon Go San Francisco Union Square Bar Crawl (Live Gaming) GamePlay

hey everybody today is Pokeman Go
day there we go so there’s gonna be a bar crawl today
and i’m going to check it out I’m a little bit late but I need to eat first so what I’m going to do is about to eat
these tacos I got these plant-based tacos over at the taqueria near me so
I’m about to grub on this and the next time you see me I will be heading over
to the crawl i’m over here at Union Square sports bar let me show you guys uhhh can you see it
here we go Here is the line to register for the Pokeman go Crawl This bar specifically it is $4 Corona’s I got this and I got a sticker.
alright I got my discounted Corona. I’m about to get my sip on. So my roommate has never played before he’s over here trying to figure it out. Chillin at this bar I already caught like 3 pokeman I’ma show y’all on the screen in a second alright here we go maybe coming from okay look like a lobster thing there is like hecka in here my bag is full all right really and goes to the next
pokestop soon so we’re leaving that sports bars its been
about an hour and then head over to another one already forgot what it’s
called it’s like we’re in your back so far I like two more San Francisco is a hot spot for real this is a challenge trying to catch pokemon on my phone and vlog i don’t know how it is going to come together. and union square over there see you have to distinguish oh is this where we are going.. yah the tap room. the golden gate tap room where we are! just came out of this elevator it’s so dark oh never been here get your beer I definitely have to come back here Check it out they actually have veggie options on the menu. I don’t even know if you can hear me There we go they have a veggie plate they have vegetarian pot stickers Veggie burger so there you go i’m pretty sure there is more stuff too but
that’s the first thing that caught my eye and of course a crap ton of beers and alcohol for you beer heads
. and Ales an IPA through my all that’s stuff that I don’t know anything about about in a rotating tap iso heres our full spread i got these veggie pot
stickers nolan I got .. what are these chicken wings? jalapeno poppers?
Jalapeno poppers and those aren’t nacho that’s like a chili cheese friesoh those look amazing maybe I can just eat around the cheese can I get around the cheese you guys? I want those! Alright time to eat catch more pokeman what what! we got all these hot spots you guys isn’t this crazy all in the union square area yeah oh there is a crab I don’t think I’ve caught
one of those yet… yah I have We are off to location number 3 Whoaaa!!! this honey honey place has really good
breakfast but it’s like hard to get up here hella far yeah this is like Sutter I don’t want to climb up here in the
morning I’m saying you’re sleepy you’re all
like ah man I gotta go up like 16 hills to get some breakfast Bruh! Like where like
way down there were walking to the next stop don’t remember what it’s called
caught more pokeman it’s so cute yeah got it!! Its so freaking cold. This is summer .. this is summer is San Francisco do you feel my struggle do you see do
you see any sun? Do you? Do you? No you don’t it’s also nighttime dude. It doesn’t matter in vegas when I was there last time it was like hundred and something hundred
and no sweat because you’re just like hot and burning this is like Iwould have liked
walk right past this it’s pretty mood will like sexy romantic
dim light vibe that’s where you go to catch pokemon is it comes to the sexy
bar oh here see it’s like a little
bit rooftop sort of forget catching pokeman i just want to kick it like sorry I’m distracted right now
like by the beauty that is like so nice thats like the lighting. it gets me every time if you
look down I classify that as rooftop and then here is the view just ran out I’m sorry oh .. let me see if i can get one more drink hopefuly she can pick it up Imissed out on my free beer homegirl hooked it up I got my free beer. I don’t like beer but I’m about to drink this! Yess! walk all the way half way accross the tenderloin to get this beer you better like it am i turning into a beer drinker? ha ha
No i don’t think so. give me my fruity cocktail any day. I caught this guy. I think I might have one of those. See you guys get the cute ones I get the ugly ones I wasn’t planning on going to the last stop but i decided I’m gonna go because it is on our way home so let’s go this! gotta catch more pokeman before you go home! More pokeman catching! there wasn’t much Pokemon so you guys ain’t going to watch me catch pokeman hopefully at the next the next spot otherwise we’ll
see what happens the fog is seriously setting in it actually really doesn’t show on camera it doesn’t look that blue in real life you guys it’s fog city oOOoOO what is this place? Is this where we are going? Oh shooot! okay! The camera doesn’t do this place justice
it’s a tiny stunning I’m kinda forgetting about the Pokemon right now and you have thrown here so you can catch pokeman while you are sitting on your thrown and then we are going in here. okay so this probably the only place that has really good lighting but this has been an awesome Pokeman event my battery for like forty percent but
I met some really really cool here and we’re just like hanging outiits already past
the pokeman event time So thanks for watching guys as you guys and I will see you guys next time hopefully you enjoy the footage hopefully it will
pull together it got really dark so I don’t know how much it’s going to come
out really nice but enjoy bye guys

29 thoughts on “Pokemon Go San Francisco Union Square Bar Crawl (Live Gaming) GamePlay

  1. Bar food is my fav! I'm not into Pokemon but Mark would love a pokemon bar crawl! Looks like we're having the same weather but it's still hot out here 😓

  2. The city is beautiful there, those chilli cheese fries looks yummy lol still haven't played Pokémon Go phone keeps freezing for some reason 🙁

  3. Pokémon is the devil!!! Lol I refuse to play it lol this was super interesting. I love your unique content

  4. Probably the only person in the comments who doesn't play Pokemon Go. 😂 That's just because I'm not into Pokemon as much as I was as a kid.

  5. I know the feeling of tryna vlog and catch pokemon lol awesome places!!! I wish it was colder in L.A. – can't stand heat!! Keep up the great vlogs 😀

  6. Ugh, you have so much variety there! We have the same 5 Pokemon everywhere and it's so much work to find new ones!

  7. I'm not into Pokemon. You went to some really nice spots though. Nice vegan options too. The food looked yummy! Send us some of those cool temperatures. We've been frying down here in the south. LOL TFS Have a nice evening.

  8. very nice dear friend..❤liked ❤ big like 👍👍👍 I just subbed 😊 please subbed my channel too 😊thanks!!!

  9. Great Vlog! A pokemon Go Bar crawl sounds amazing! Good to see that the game is bringing people together 😀 On another note that food looks delicious!

  10. One of my walking partners at work plays Pokemon and he is so serious and has told me all the people he has met playing the game. It looks fun but I haven't got into it but I like to watch other people play. Have fun! 😊

  11. Man you caught hella pokemon! Hahahahahahahah you Cali people and your hella! Great show and we are definitely going to talk about it in episode 5!

  12. Wow this is crazy. I am obsessed with Pokemon Go. I cannot wait to see people playing Pokemon Go during the bar crawl during Halloween. Just amazing.

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