Pete Carroll: ‘We were not in command of the sticks’

Started well.>>Coach, how concerned were you with the
lack of pressure you were able to put on Andy Dalton despite the-
>>The pressure’s been sporadic, but when we needed it, we had it. Third down wasn’t bad for us today. But yeah, we lined up to make sure
they couldn’t run the football. And [INAUDIBLE] we cannot go back. There’s too many plays in
this game to be a difference. The time of possession it was lopsided but
[INAUDIBLE].>>What did you think of
[INAUDIBLE] first time out?>>He did some stuff. He knocked the ball down right off the Get
out and have a big play and one sack. It was great to have him out there. And I know you probably
could have asked about. And he just wasn’t quite ready for
this game. And we’re thinking long haul. And we’re hoping next
week will be the week. We practiced throughout the week but
just couldn’t quite get it right. We’ll be asked about it all next week too,
but I think we’ll keep our fingers. Plain discuss the.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>We they just really gaming up on you guys one game or
do you feel like that should have been.>>No no excuse they leave even so
every time that’s right when you run a. But I feel like we were kinda and
that’s where passes and fits together maybe a lot so
we would be better.>>The office of. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah, when we get sacked a bunch of times and
then we don’t run the ball. And then you don’t look at that. We’ll see, let me the film. I gotta do some work in that.>>We’re clowning snaps. The planner went as
the game went on I guess.>>More than we thought. But he wasa fine, felt good about it. And so we have to play it by ear. But I think he had 20 something snaps. First half,
which was not really the plan but we were just out there so much we
didn’t get to go on offense at all. He’s 26 years old he’s ready to go and
all that. Mostly he’ll be pretty sore.>>How did Quinten
>>Tell me about that foruth down with Woods making that incredable
stop on the fourth down play when Cincinatti was driving. He also had Five interceptions
today he played really well.>>I think they called that a fumble,
or the fumble recovery. But it was still a terrific play. Al did a nice job. I mean really I should mention
Jefferson a great game. He had six tackles,
he had two tackles for losses. He had two sacks. He had a couple of passes
knocked down whatever. He had a terrific game today. Probably definitely it was
the best game he’s had for us. And we did what we could. You came back golden placement is that?>>Could start we can always. It did fine and that makes a tough place. A couple they bombed and one of the middle
that time how to explain that pass but it was a great graphic an everything
under that’s a really good start for him he’s ready to go.>>Is that important for him that. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Sure sure we’ll do that for months in the off season. [INAUDIBLE] He’s a pretty
comfortable player. That’s a great start for him.>>We talked about And Ziggy coming in. To have some guys like Quentin step up and
to have Rashid get the fumble. Some of those guys-
>>Huige, yeah, huge, production for those guys. And it’ll just be better, it will juist be better in general when
everybody’s out there doing it together. Bobby had a bunch of tackles today,
and had a bunch of tackles today. But those guys really made
some nice plays up front, too. It’s such a big way to finish.>>Have a chance, got a chance
that we only need a field goal. We got only like 30 yards. [INAUDIBLE]

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