44 thoughts on “Olivia Jade’s Fake Athletic Profile Revealed In Court | TODAY

  1. Typical Hollywood liberals. Claiming to be for the little people while literally paying to keep their kids and themselves above everyone else

  2. Wouldnt she have to b in on it cause she has to pretend shes a rowing genius. Give me a brk! Think about it……. Yeah im rt!

  3. it’s so sad people work so hard to get into college with sports and academics and these people try to bribe their way into school. it’s pathetic and sad. “legitimate donations” no hunni you literally have a fake resume.

  4. I just wish they drop this whole case, the public is tired of hearing about this over & over again. Lori already paid the price by having the media blow this right in her face. I'm sure she learn her lesson & won't being doing this again.

  5. What a bunch of liars. They posed for fake rowing pictures for petes sake . I am supposed to believe they did not know what they were doing ????? please .

  6. What kills me is the cast of “When calls the heart” backing her up! They should be ashamed!!!! I get it be a friend but to publicly defend her as part of the show is ridiculous!!!!

  7. Omg, yeh they parents saying ya withholding crucial evidence that will free us. Then boom mikedrop gov or feds drop the fake resume profile into the public view that the awards were faked, its like they just oh yeh gotcha here. Still wanna plea deal last shot.

  8. Wouldn’t other members on the crew team see the webpage and wonder why someone who is not on the team is listed as being on the team? Why did they think they could get away with this?

  9. "I want them to have a degree to fall back on" lady your daughter barely graduated high school, she even said she barely went!

  10. Wow. Her children must feel real special . The kids are so stupid they had to bribe the school to make sure their kids would be able to get in to College.

  11. I think most high school students know their grades and are aware of what schools they might qualify for. Did she really think she earned it? 🤔

  12. Unbelievable!!! 🙄I hope they find a jury that is smart unlike the stooges in the Casey Anthoney case where they left a murderer go free. These individuals don't even think they did anything wrong nor that they need to apologize for their crimes.
    Narcissists who believe that they are better than anyone else thus, they expect total royal exoneration by a jury of commoners who should be grateful for the opportunity of being in the honorable position of evaluating them and the imperious obligation to decide on their favor.
    Afterward, they expect The judge, Lawyers, Jury, and everyone else in the courtroom to bow down as a symbol of appreciation and kiss their feet before they are majestically escorted while walking on a golden carpet on their way to the airport flying on Air Force One with President Trump and Melania who had to stand all the way to LA because all the chairs were taken. Cest La Vie!!! Gosh! I really, really, really hope that the jury is not stupid as the one on the Casey Anthony fiasco!!

  13. Haha aunt Becky is going to jail. That profile is hilarious. Imagine your child being so dumb you gotta bribe people to get them into a mediocre school. Then dumb child can't even remember cover story. Hilarious

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