[Official Trailer] After the Game: A 20 Year Look at Three Former Athletes

We have a really strong reputation. Basically there’s a spot for everybody on the team. There’s not playing time for
everybody and that’s a whole other issue. Just so you understand, you will be rewarded for your work. Okay. You will be rewarded. Chapman! I’ve played for this long so I mean
obviously it means something to me. A friend of mine heard of this school and I just happened to talk to Mary and I really, really like her. As a coach, I feel like my job is to help students get most out of themselves. I don’t want any
player to leave here to look back and think you know I wish Coach had pushed me a
little more, I think I could have achieved more. We were kind of talking
about taking our branding process and automate it. Am I ready to go to the next
level? I don’t know, I feel replaceable, like very replaceable. I mean like,
like every year I’ve watched people play before me, every year. It’s a problem. Do you see where you can fit into this team? I’m trying to. So I think I kind
of pulled back a little bit in that sense too and that’s not who I am. When you’re coaching at that level you’re on a treadmill going like a
million miles an hour. It’s almost like I got yanked off the treadmill. I don’t think they really know me the way I’m used to being known as a coach. If we get to playoffs, it’s on. We just, we have to win. It’s like, I’m already thinking this
game is won, we have to win it. I mean, this is a team
and everyone seems to be in their own little cliques. Talk about the wheels
falling off the cart, We couldn’t guard anybody, We couldn’t make good decisions on offense. I truly believe in the transformational
power of athletics You go on to just, like, your life, but it is, it’s it’s always there I stuck with it and worked hard, and There’s an
offense for every defense And I would bet that you have more heart Life lessons I just think that life is a big deal

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